Today, we’re going to talk about The Bulge!

Wait… What bulge?

You know; the bulge that is often said to be the male equivalent of a push-up bra or a tight corset.

Yes, we’re talking about the bulge on the lack of it underneath your trousers. By now, men have made it pretty clear that the love bulges and women have admitted to taking a peek once in awhile.

After all, very few people can resist the temptation of laying their sights on a manly fold that speaks the character of the bulge owner in vivid detail. Or does the bulge speak about anything at all or is it just a mirage only present to entice the onlookers? The answer can be both, depending on circumstances.

Do girls notice bulge inside of a man’s pants?

Like all questions in this world that begin with “do men like to do this….” Or “do women like to do that…” the answer to this question would also be “it depends”. But it depends on what? Unfortunately, no studies have been done to gather opinion about what women think of the bulge. But, based on personal experiences and information published on the web, it seems that many women believe that a bigger bulge correlates to a larger penis size. We’ll go into discovering the truth of this matter later, but first take a look at some opinions many women have posted on different web platforms.

Women’s opinion on the male bulge

Note: for the sake of protecting the identity of the posters, we’ll refer to the women as anonymous’ instead of their real names. Also, we’ll refer to their opinion in the third person instead of quoting the words directly. Interested enough already? Well, this is about to get even more interesting.

  • Anonymous 1: She thinks that it’s inappropriate for men to show off their bulge on purpose unless he’s a ballet dancer wearing a dance belt. There might be other reasons for which he may have two where super skinny pants, but that doesn’t mean she finds it attractive. To her, the bulge might be mildly amusing at best. On our survey around the web, we found lots of women like Anonymous 1, who are of the opinion that bulges rarely attract the female gaze.
  • Anonymous 2: She is of the opinion that whenever a group of ladies watches a guy who is more filled out, they have a good chuckle among themselves and move on with their business. There is no lustful gaze on attraction involved in any way.
  • Anonymous 3: She says that she’s least interested in knowing if a guy has a big penis or pretends to have a big penis. She can tell from experience that bigger is not always better, and she is more of an attracted to personality kind of a woman. This is a legitimate opinion to have because as we all know that the penis, at the end of the day, is just a tool in the process of lovemaking.
  • Anonymous 4: She can say for certain agree that all women like bulges. How? She refers to a YouTube video about a guy traveling on a train with a fake bulge and how all the women were checking it out. (Pro tip: to douse your curiosity, you can always visit YouTube yourself and look for bulge prank videos to know how things actually go)
  • Anonymous 5: She explains how she wanly wants to see the bulge of a man and not just everybody else because of the intimacy involved. She’s afraid that checking out bulges of random men on the street may encourage them to form an idea she is interested in them sexually; so checking out random bulges is a complete no-no for her.
  • Anonymous 6: This young lady described and an incident where she and her sister were attending ballet classes, and couldn’t help but check out all the boys in their ultra-tight pants. Typically, their bulge was showing, and they couldn’t stop but laugh and giggle between themselves because they thought it was funny. There was nothing sexual thought involved whatsoever.
  • Anonymous 7: This woman was astonished at the idea that someone would even want to check out crotches of random men. According to her, even if some female checks out a bulge, it is merely because of curiosity and not with sexual intention. She claims that so far she hasn’t willingly checked out anyone else’s bulge nor did the thought even into her mind for once.
  • Anonymous 8: She believes that it is perfectly normal for women to check out bulges just like men check out breasts. She admits that she has snuck a peek at various co-workers in her office, and thinks people with bigger bulges are more masculine.

The truth about The Bulge

Now that we have seen eight different opinions of eight different women, you must be wondering what does the bulge even mean? Well, many males and females have the idea that bigger bulge means a bigger penis. This is not the truth because the bulge is just an indicator of the flaccid size of the penis and not when it’s erect. And, you should also know that the size of a flaccid penis does in no way indicate how much it can grow to be erect.

For all we know, the guy can measure 3 inches flaccid and grow to be 4 inches erect and some other guy may measure 3 inches flaccid and 7 inches when erect. So the bulge really doesn’t matter as far as sexual performance is concerned.

So, is the bulge thing all hype and no show?

Well, you can say that if you want to because the bulge doesn’t really tell about anything apart from the size of a flaccid penis. Some women may find it attractive, and some men even find themselves to be insecure if they do not have the tool that would form a noticeable bulge. But let us assure you that the majority of women don’t care about your crotch area, at least not when you have your pants on.

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