I love Spring for a variety of reasons.

As a runner it’s one of the most diverse seasons and I’m always grateful to see what it brings.

Last ‘Spring’ the UK was just coming out of ‘The Beast from the East’ where I literally had to dangle out of my downstairs neighbour’s first floor window to try and pour hot water over her drains and defrost her toilet. This year we’ve been met, instead, with sunshine which has been intermittently surprise attacked with intense periods of rain, hail and wind.

A few weekends ago I was at a marathon where I was literally scaling a valley fighting 50mph winds with hail battering my skin (and the Race Director cheekily responding “Hail Caesar” when I saw him on course). By the time the final runner came in on that marathon the sun was out and a rainbow saw them in.

You can’t buy moments like that.

Spring is also where we start waking up to the sun rise rather than continued darkness and, I have to admit, I’m appreciative of that. I like the fact that if I go out on an early morning run then I will greet the sun as it wakes up the world and the birds sing in my slow finish.

Spring also marks a time of year where my sexual desires finally kick back in to gear a bit more.

I don’t know what it is about Winter but I enter somewhat of a sexual dead zone internally.

There’s a lovely picturesque image that comes in to mind every year where I’ll be cosied up in my nice, warm, multi-blanketed bed, snuggled with a wand between my labia and a self-heating toy in my vagina riding out the most snuggly of orgasms. In reality I just collapse in to myself and self-loving becomes an effort. It’s an effort I always believe is important to try and put some work in to but even then it becomes much more intermittent.

Then spring come along and suddenly the withdrawn bud of my clitoris blossoms in to a thriving spring daffodil, launching out its vibrant character in a manner so captivating that it can hardly be ignored.

Just yesterday I go reminded of this when doing an Aqua qualification course.

While sitting out (because I do not handle the chill of a pool very well) I suddenly got to see a very well-defined male individual enter the pool to participate in someone else’s assessment.

He was, by all definitions, built like an ancient Greek hero and this definitely appealed to me – I didn’t know whether or not I was admiring his physical form or just admiring the amount of work it must take to get deltoids that defined – but what caught me most was his smile.

As I watched him working out in the pool I saw him grinning, laughing, bantering with his friend and generally giving it his utmost all. There were certainly moments when he had a steely and serious ‘game face’ on but then there were times where his demeanour  could be described as nothing less than doofy. He was adorkable and, as I watched him, I realized I’d have to stop doing so as I was getting far too riled up for a public setting.

When my friend had finished her assessment I made no qualms of telling her how totally cute her friend was and, when he got out the pool, I literally had to look away as I noticed he had skin-tight, very skimpy Marvel superhero briefs on.

Has a more perfect picture ever existed?

I don’t know, because it would have been supremely unprofessional for me to have gawked any longer and I am nothing if not professional.

This is just one example of how my body and mind begin to recapture the spark of full blown sexual desire when spring begins to settle its way on to the scene and, I have to say, I’m happy for it…but that doesn’t mean I am in any way ungrateful to Winter.

All cards on the table – I basically go Gray A mode when it comes to winter and I know a lot of people that feel the same.

Too often, however, we beat ourselves up about this, wonder “What is wrong with me?”, or fear the feeling will never go away.

But, just like the year, our bodies work in seasons and those seasons sometimes literally align with those of nature. And, although humans like to rank things for our own peace of mind, no season is better or worst than the other. They all simply are and come and go as they’re meant to (well…global warming placed aside for a moment).

Spring has its benefits and also its downsides, winter is crucial for recharging the batteries but it can also bring darkness that many don’t do well with, summer is a scorcher and the intensity of it can often leave people wishing for a release, and Autumn is orange, cinnamon and spice, but it comes with this transitionary uncertainty which seems to be leading towards a finality.

That is how I personally see the seasons as they come in nature but also reflects some of the emotions I attach to them too and I wouldn’t trade a single one for the world. Neither would I trade the wonderful ways that my body likes to show me how transformational it is – how it isn’t just a one trick pony, forever giving exactly the same and offering no variety, challenges, triumphs, and moments of joy.

The reawakening of my body makes me so grateful that it decided to go in to sexual slumber because it marks a new season of discovery, growth, and variety.

Add to the fact that I test sex toys for a living and I cannot wait to see what spring holds for me this year.

So never feel betrayed by your body’s annual sexual fluctuations. Chances are that they exist to let you value yourself even more.