I may be lacking in a certain piece of *ahem* anatomy when it comes to Fleshlights, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen or used a fair few in my day. As such, my mind has often wandered to the idea of what makes the ‘best fleshlights’ for those who do want to delve deep in to the topic (pun intended).

Of course, different companies have their take on this matter and you can click here to get just one example of the offerings that some like to present. Sex Toy Education certainly have their heads screwed on right when it comes to the many criteria that go in to the perfect Fleshlights and I recommend their article for any new buyers to Fleshlights, but let’s jump in to this topic Peaches-style too.

Why Even Use a Fleshlight?

It’s a question asked by Sex Toy Education and a question I’d like to tackle too.

Fleshlights, after all, have received an unfair stigma over the years – as if somehow the mimicry of a vulva, mouth, or anus are heathenistic whereas the myriad of rotating, vibrating, and self-thrusting dongs in the market is perfectly commonplace.

But strip away this stigma and you have an amazing tool to explore your body with.

Why use a Fleshlight? Because Fleshlights aren’t bodies.

That might sound odd but it’s the beauty of them. A Fleshlight (like any toy) offers you the chance to experience things that aren’t the same as direct human contact (and that includes one’s own anatomy).

Sure, they can sometimes aim to be familiar – some might even call themselves ‘realistic’ – but what a Fleshlight offers will be entirely different to what a body can offer, or the additions that come with that body.

Someone who struggles with intimacy or has a sexual dysfunction they want to address can do so with a Fleshlight in their own time.

Those who want to try experiences beyond the hand or a person’s vulva/anus/other orifices might want to see what a Fleshlight is like too.

Couples might like to add a Fleshlight in to their play to mix up interactions and have a choice of different sensations for different moods.

I know that I personally adore using a Fleshlight on my partners. I love the grip that they offer, the expressions of pleasure on my partner’s face, and the way I can twist and contort the Fleshlight, gaining new gasps and twitches from my happy receiver. It’s also a nice break if I’m feeling tender or don’t want to use my hands or mouth.

It’s always good to have options.

The Best Fleshlights

But what makes a Fleshlight the best in the bizz?

Is there a secret inherent to the perfect toy that gets toes curling and mouths moaning with expertly designed prowess?

I’d say “Yes and No.”

There are many pre-requisites that go in to making a superb Fleshlight, and that formula shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Material is important, with safety being the chief concern. A Fleshlight can have you proclaiming your devotion to all the sex gods under the sun but if it leaves you sick as a dog then it’s not good for anyone.

Making sure your Fleshlight can be properly sanitised and maintained is crucial.

Design is an important element too. How much texture is involved? What’s the grip like? Can you vary the pressure that you apply to it? Is the opening aesthetically pleasing? Can a partner easily use it on you if they wish?

All of these things are important but, as you might have noticed, they’re all highly subjective.

Thus we come to the crux of the matter.

The perfect Fleshlight is not one single product; It’s whatever toy works best for you considering your personal specifications.

This is why it pays to familiarise yourself with what Fleshlights are on the market as well as taking a long, hard look at what you know you like during sex.

So, if you’re considering buying a Fleshlight and are looking for the best then remember; you are the one that will determine what is the best for you. Don’t be deterred by the opinion of others and be true to yourself and your needs.

That’s what truly makes Fleshlights great; The power is in your hands.