Can you believe I haven’t reviewed this yet!?

I bet that must sound pretty surreal.

Of course, there’s a reason. As one of the residents of dear old Britain I was rightly informed back in the day that the Original Hitachi Magic Wand had conversion issues with our plugs and converters. As a result, even if I were to purchase it I’d be getting a piss poor or potentially dangerous performance.


Thankfully, though, things have progressed a lot since the dark ages of the sex toy days. Converters are better, the Hitachi does come with a rechargeable version, and the older ‘original’ version is suddenly accessible to me too.

Hitachi also don’t like to be associated with it now that they know that people use their device to get their rocks off. I mean who would have thought something termed as a ‘massager’ was being used in lewd ways *shock of shock*

So, now that this wand-loving Peach has got her hand on the most iconic wand out there what is my verdict?

We’ve got a whole review to find out in.

About My First Blush

But before we flounce on over to reviewing the original powerhouse vibe let’s take some time to give kudos to the company that sent it my way, My First Blush.

My First Blush are an adult online retailer that prides themselves on exceptional customer service, providing high quality products and, most importantly, a sex positive and safe environment for people to explore within.

They have, as part of their policy, a 90 day return and maintain prices which are competitive with quite a few larger retailers.

Discretion is a given but when speaking with My First Blush I felt like this sense of customer care went beyond the ‘ticking the boxes’ standard of some retailers. My First Blush are quite passionate about their customers and their range and this shows.

My wand arrived swiftly and without issue, as did a handy-dandy little discount code just for you.

Use the code PEACHES20 before Valentine’s Day 2019 and you’ll get 20% off.

Now that’s a good deal.

Is it one to use on the Original Magic Wand, though?…

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand



…At least if you have a few specific tastes.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand is a toy so iconic in the adult industry that I almost feeling silly introducing it, but hey-ho here we go.

This product may look like a piece of early 80’s karaoke equipment but that head of its is likely to cause you to scream off key for altogether different reasons.

The Hitachi Original Magic Wand is the very definition of keeping a sex toy simple and satisfying. Its handle section is so large and well-defined that pretty much anyone could grab this product and get the jist of what they’re meant to do with it whereas its 7.5 inch girthy head gives you an extremely broad scope of sensation.

A simple switch system dictates the use and power of the Original Hitachi Magic Wand. One speed can be described as ‘Holy fucking shit rumble’ whereas the other is ‘Well I guess my toy just took a shot of crack’ to differing effects, but more on that later.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand is mains powered meaning you will have to think logistically when using this toy.

On the one hand you have absolutely no fear of this toy accidentally turning on if you’ve decided to be bold and take it on the go with you (well done – this toy is hefty). On the other hand you do need to think of if you’re going to logistically be able to plug this toy in to the mains and/or how restricted this might make you.

For example, I recently stayed in a hotel and the only plug sockets were by the desk which was the opposite side of the room from the bed entirely. This meant that, if I had taken the Hitachi with me I would have either had a chair or the floor as my playground. UK peeps like me (or those travelling continental) would then also have to consider converters, which adds to the inconvenience to some degree.

It is, on the other hand, entirely worth it.

Is it wrong to call a sex toy ‘batteringly good’? I feel like it might be but there’s really no other way to describe the Original Hitachi Magic Wand. I feel like this toy is trying to pound me with each application, going in with each point of contact like a battering ram hoping to smash through the cusp of a shatteringly impressive climax.

That’s my experience on the ‘less powerful’ setting, at least.

Ironically, the most powerful setting is just a little too smooth and hum-along for my liking. For sure, if I were chained in to place with it for a forced orgasm I’d be squirming and squealing within minutes but climax results and climax preference are two different things and I just don’t know if I appreciate the refined oomph that comes with the more powerful setting, which is fine by me when the ‘lower’ setting is still outstripping many toys that are only just being released as ‘strong’ on the market.

This toy is a classic for a reason, after all, and many individuals have found a new depth of gratification at the bulbous head of the Original Hitachi Magic Wand.

My only real gripes with this toy would be material and cleaning based.

Because this toy came before the surge of sexual safety that came in the early 2000’s, the Hitachi is sporting a TPE/Rish head, which is slightly porous and best covered during use and cleaned with an anti-bacterial spray. Add to this the fact that, as it’s mains powered, this toy is not waterproof nor submersible and you are left with a bit of kit that is slightly less hygienic then most of us would like nowadays and greatly more irritating to clean.

If this bothers you too much then you’ll be grateful to hear that the rechargeable version does have a silicone head but it is also considerably more expensive.

As it stands the Original Hitachi Magic Wand is affordable, effective, and renowned for just how good it is at brining power beyond some people’s imagination.

I mean, when people are folding towels and placing them in their genitals to create a buffering surface you know you’re on to a winner.

Final Thoughts

My orgasms with the Original Hitachi Magic Wand certainly lived up to my expectations, though this toy did feel a little bit antiquated and, because of this, I wouldn’t rate it as my absolute favourite wand.

Still, I can see why this toy gets a reputation for being toe- curlingly good and I cannot deny the amount I gasped while making myself familiar with this toy’s strong reputation.

‘Strong doesn’t always mean ‘effective’ though, so do keep this in mind if you know that power isn’t your main priority or if you feel like you want a slimmer or more portable vibrator. There are many other exceptional toys on My First Blush and you certainly have options.

For now I can happily add my approval to the large list of adult bloggers who vouch for this vibe and feel like your life would be just that little bit more thrilling with its purchase.

Recommend to:

  • People who like power.
  • People who like wants.
  • People on the fence about this purchase.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who aren’t fluid bonded but share toys.
  • People who dislike power.
  • People who dislike mains-powered products.