Tulips are a lovely flower.

They have a distinctive character about them and a quirky, bulging nature that seems to show just how pleased they are to have sprouted.

It always bodes well for me when a sex toy is shaped like a tulip in some way. It’s like they’re hoping that such pleasure will bloom in their users.

Plus the shape is equally well-suited for internal and external use.

Just sayin’

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand is a wand made for convenience. In many ways it seems to pitch himself as an introductory product, with its instruction manual stating that:

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand was built on 3 idea’s… Easy, Powerful and Convenient to use.

These are all very admirable causes and are supplemented well by the fact that there is no one recommended body part advertised in the Femmefunn Diamond Wand user manual.

This toy isn’t pitched as ‘strictly for the clit’ nor ‘for internal use.’

Instead, it has its 3 ideas and it tries its best to fulfil them.

Having said that, I wouldn’t personally use this toy for anal use, as its flared base isn’t really prominent enough to allow for safe insertion. Sure, you’ve got a reasonable amount of shaft to play around with before you get to the base, but I’m a better safe than sorry kind of gal.

How much length have we got? 6.75 inches with 6 inches that are sensibly useable. The overall width is about 1.3 inches with the shaft coming in at just under 0.9 inches. This is a nice small size which is very unconventional for a toy dubbed a ‘wand’ but, then again, this toy makes itself a rather odd type of wand.

Whereas most wands have a distinct handle, a globular head, and focus mainly on external use, the Femmefunn Diamond Wand has a useasble shaft, a tulip-like head, and a single button that allows you to use its 21 different features however you want.

Because its whole body is made of silicone it is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe for use. The silicone used is matte in nature and the surface feels decadent and tempting in the best kind of way.

Texture is a strong feature of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand and makes up part of its name. Diamonds decorate the entirely of this toys surface – from the tip of its tulip head right down to the base.

A single-button is a crucial part of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand, which would usually annoy me but Femmefunn have been smart about this. This toy starts with varying intensities then goes on the patterns. If you turn this toy off and on then it will remember your last setting. Press it once, however, and it will go back to the first intensity, rather than forcing you to cycle through.

Very agreeable.

The strength of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand is also quite impressive, though admittedly of the buzzy kind. Even on the first setting this wand packs enough of a punch to stand acceptably alongside mid-size wands in terms of strength and potency.  The buzzy vibrations are shrill in a way but are also deep and never numbing. They’re less like a fly or bee half-assing it and more like a mosquito on caffeine – unmistakeable, full of energy, and penetrating.

I have had quite a few strong orgasms with the Femmefunn Diamond Wand, though I wouldn’t say they have a duration that lasts too long after that point of climax. The climax itself is good. As mosquitos go, I wouldn’t want to swat this one away and as tulips go I’m much more inclined to pull it closer to me in order to get a better sense of its character.

I wouldn’t say that the diamond shapes do anything in terms of texture and sensation. They are so subtle that they’re much more decorative than anything else. I’m not complaining though, as the tulip head does more than enough to ignite the G-Spot during internal use (even if my preference with this toy is external).

What I also appreciate about this head is that, because it tapers off, it can actually be used for a bit more pin point precision. This is great, as wands conventionally come without this option (unless you add a sleeve) but Femmefunn have clearly thought about this usual omission and acted to counter it. They truly intended for this wand to be as diverse and useable as they possibly could muster.

With that in mind its also worth nothing that this toy is 100% waterproof, so can be used submerged and cleaned more easily. This is a definite bonus as those diamonds, although they don’t feel like much, do make this toy a little harder to clean.

This toy’s silicone also grabs up dust, hair, and fur (as my photos attest to).

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand is also rechargeable with a single charge lasting up to 30 minutes. There is a 12 month warranty on this toy which means that, should you encounter any issues, BMS will help you with a replacement.

In terms of other objective downsides, there are very few that I can convey and the rest comes down to personal preference.

If you dislike buzzy vibrations then this is a clear no-go. If you prefer gentle vibrations to strength then this wand might also be worth a miss.

The shaft of this vibrator is also incredibly bend and flexible, which might annoy users who like to push down hard on their toys and want a rigid, immovable response back. Pressure play is diminished because of this, but the flexibility will also aid others.

Ultimately the non-conventionality of this wand will leave you either loving or hating it.

Final Thoughts

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand represents a shift in what can be considered a wand and in just what a wand can do with the wand premise.

I personally like what the Femmefunn Diamond Wand has done with the notion, and when it comes to the 3 different focuses that Femmefunn had in mind they pretty much hit the ball out of the park.

This toy is convenient, it’s easy, and its strong. Not only that, but with its current discount at Peepshowtoys it’s a very affordable product too.

I can certainly recommend the Femmefunn Diamond Wand to anyone who like a buzz and fancies how this product looks.

This wand has a rather unique appeal but that doesn’t mean it won’t cater to a large user base.

Enjoy my lovelies!

Recommend to:

  • People who like quirky toys.
  • People who like flexible toys.
  • People who like power.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike non-conventional wands.
  • People who dislike buzzy vibrators.
  • People who dislike patterns.