I never knew just how much I wanted a weebly-wobbly wand until suddenly the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand arrived at my door.

Placing it in my hand, I was shocked when I lifted it up to find its arrow-like wand head flop affectionately to one side, as its weight naturally displayed the true flexibility of this flailing new offering from Ann Summers.

From that moment on I was just a little bit more smitten with this product.

I’ve reminisced about this before but it bares repeating; When I was younger my iconic ‘I want it’ sex toy was the dildo that was flung about in American Pie 2. Not because I have a fetish for harmful toys, but because the amount that it wiggled and jiggled caught my eye so much that ever since I’ve been seeking a toy with equal gusto.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect that toy to be a wand, but here we are.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand retails at £95 and is part of Ann Summers’ new ‘Flex’ range.

This wand was made to be ‘flexible and fun’ and to navigate difficult parts of the body via its much more malleable form.

When I read this description prior to receiving the product I assumed this meant that the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand would have a internal bending point which you could then adjust and leave to stay in place during use, but no. This toy is a floppy, wobbly joy of a toy to hold in the hand and happily jiggle about. It’s also like the wand equivalent of jelly it’s so fun to play with, and I have swirled it around over head like an erotic helicopter.

It’s potential to lift me to new orgasmic heights? I didn’t know at the time, but nor did I care in that moment.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is covered in a gorgeously smooth matte silicone and has a sleek and tapered design.

Both the wand head and its insertible handle-shaft hybrid and made to be slim at the tip before expanding out to meet its user’s expanding possibilities. I was dubious about this at first (wand heads are usually bulbous) but the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s wand head actually fit very comfortably against my labia and happily beckoned my clit when put in the right position.

In theory I assume that you could bend the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s internal shaft and insert it while also using the wand tip on your clit. God knows, it has two motors which can activate either unilaterally or simultaneously to facilitate such explorations, but I personally found trying to do so to be a cumbersome endeavour.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is flexible but it still measures in at 9 inches total, with its insetible length being about 3 inches and a max dimeter of 1.3 inches, so not really the type of length or shape that I would like to try and fold in to my own personal anatomy.

What I do appreciate about the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s insertible section, however, is the fact that it is slightly slimmer and more accommodating then some introductory wands or insertibles, such as this one, meaning that even those new to sex toys can safely and happily approach this wand.

Some wands are huge and some people don’t want that, the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand offers a much smoother, slimmer, and more sophisticated alternative.

As mentioned before, the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand has two motors and these are controlled via the 3 different buttons on its front panel. From this you can explore 10 different vibration functions – continual and pattern-based – meaning there is a nice amount of variation for those who do like to dabble with patterns.

I found this panel easy to use and that’s quite impressive, given that this toy does have two different motors to contend with. I never really felt frustrated when using or switching between settings and was left to happily play with the different intensities.

Speaking of those intensities, the only real thing that lets the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand down for me personally is its vibrations. They start with depth but they also start smooth and buzzy and I am not a smooth and buzzy type of gal. I can’t really say that this ever improves as your ramp up the power. The depth is always present and it reverberates more with each intensity incrementation but it’s still more of a reassuring hum rather than a full-on rumble.

Because of this I can orgasm with the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand but I find those orgasms to be just okay…passable…nothing special…and then I feel let down because I adore just how much you can bend and swish this toy around in the hand only to find that it flops in the wrong way when applied to the clit or in the vagina.

Not everyone will have this experience, and if you like smoother strength from your toy then the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand definitely delivers, but I was hoping for the sex toy equivalent of a punchy Indian takeaway and had a Mac and Cheese turn up instead. Mac and Cheese is nice. Loads of people love Mac and Cheese, but it’s hardly going to leave me with a chest-bracing, toe-curling sensation afterwards.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is fully rechargeable via USB and is waterproof, it comes with a guarantee and I’m happy to say that both the shaft and the head are firm where they need to be and floppy mainly in the centre of the handle.

Still, I know that flexibility is not everyone’s cup of tea either and those who like to force their toy firmer in to their body will find themselves frustrated as the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand intuitively shies away.

This might just be a divisive toy.

Once of the clearer objective downsides of this product is the fact that it is a dust and fur magnet. I own a very fluffy cat and the Flex had absolutely no chance. Cleaning this toy thoroughly will be a must.

If using this toy as a folded dual stimulator it’s also important to note control placement so that you don’t accidentally fold them on to your clit and away from your hands. This isn’t a con but it is something to consider for effective play.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand?

Yes, but probably not at its full retail price.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is an interesting toy with a design that brings out my full whimsy and leaves a smile on my face, but a smile and an O-face are too very different things and I kind of want my sex toys to prioritise the O-face more.

If you’re more keen on a smooth ride then you might still appreciate this toy and gain a lot out of it at RRP but I do think it would pay to visit Ann Summers and trial it on your hand before buying.

I love the premise and design of this toy, I just wish it had some more rumble to bring to the table for its price tag.

Recommend to:

  • People who like smooth vibrations.
  • People who want a flexible vibrator.
  • People who like smaller wands.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who like rumbly vibrations.
  • People who dislike floppy toys.
  • People who don’t think the price tag is right.