SizeGenetics Penis extender review

Product name:                            SizeGenetics

Category:                                      Penis extender

Manufactory:                              Permanenda Ltd.

Telephone no:                             +44 (0) 115 979 8446


Guarantee:                                   6 Month “Money back guarantee.”

Overall score:                              4.8/5 stars

“How can you get a bigger penis?” This question has been one of the main concerns of men, especially those who weren’t well blessed when it comes to penis size. Guys want this for a number of reasons, but usually, it roots down to confidence. It could make them feel more manly and better than other guys.

Unfortunately, even though there are male supplements that promise to improve your penis size, not all of these will give you the results you’re looking for. To get the most of it, you’ll have to use a penis extender as well. One of the best devices that you can try is the SizeGenetics.

What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is one of the best extenders available in the market. With continuous use, you can expect positive results after several months. These results are both natural and permanent, that you don’t have to worry about any side effects from using this device. Best of all, once you have achieved your desired penis size, you can simply stop using it, and that’s it. The SizeGenetics isn’t something that you have to use for a lifetime.

How Does the SizeGenetics Work?

Just like any other penis extenders, you’ll have to put the device around your penis. This would stretch the organ and encourage it to grow– resulting to long-lasting arousal.

The SizeGenetics device follows the principle of traction, and by selecting the correct size, you’ll have the opportunity of enjoying a certain amount of growth every month– this will depend on how often you use it.

If you’ll wear the device for several hours, expect to see the results in just a short amount of time. However, failing to do so would result to the opposite.


– Comfortable to Wear
The special technology that this penis extender has, includes a 16-way comfort strap. What does this imply? You’ll have the privilege of wearing the SizeGenetics device in 16 different ways!

What makes this important? Just like any other body part, no two penises are the same, and it varies from men to men. Usually, penis extenders, except for SizeGenetics, only offer one way on how you can wear it. Truth be told, this can be a big problem. Not having an adjustable device can cause discomfort to the wearer, and that’s why a lot of men often stop using their penis extenders after a while.

– Is Equipped with MDA (Multi-Directional Angling)
What does this imply? The device will follow the curve of your penis, making it more comfortable to wear.

– Money Back Guarantee
With this device, there’s no need to take any risks just to see if it’s the right penis extender for you. SizeGenetics offers a 180-day money back guarantee! Most penis extenders only offer 60 days, and that’s how you can feel confident that this penis extender could meet your expectations.

Though, in case that you don’t see any results after trying it for several months, then go ahead and call their support number. You’ll get your money back right away, no questions asked!

– Device Quality
The packaging of the SizeGenetics is very nice. It comes with a leather case, and everything included in the package are carefully wrapped. Also, the box isn’t decorated at all. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out that it’s a penis extender, by just looking at the box.

It also comes with a lock and key feature, travel case, and obviously, the SizeGenetics is made from high quality materials to ensure comfort for several hours.

– Ideal for Straightening
Medical professionals have certified this device as an effective tool for straightening out a curved or bent penis. Likewise, the exercises mentioned in the manual included in the package can help you achieve the results in a short amount of time.

– Friendly Customer Support
One of the best things that makes SizeGenetics stand out against its competitors is because of the kind of relationship they have with their existing customers. Unlike other sellers, the interaction with their team doesn’t end after making a purchase. They’re equipped with specially trained support system who will be more than glad to help you, give the advice you need, and answer questions in regard to using the device properly.

Other Benefits

    • It corrects Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature
    • Encourages the penis to grow for as much as 3 inches in length
    • Improves penis girth
    • The benefits you can experience from using this device will also boost your self esteem and confidence.


  • Those who are looking for a very affordable traction device may find the SizeGenetics a bit expensive.
  • In order to achieve the results you’re aiming for, you have to be dedicated and fully committed in using this device. You should be willing to spend hours on a daily basis, until you have finally achieved your desired length.

Testimonials from users

“After I saw SizeGenetics in GQ Magazine, I did some research online and bought it. I cannot grasp how something so comfortable could work so effectively. I’ve fallen victim to many schemes when it came to penis enlargement, but this actually works. I am very grateful for that!”

“This SizeGenetics seems expensive at first, but it’s really worth every penny. If you think about it, women pay thousands of dollars to enlarge the size of their breasts. Well, us men get the same advantage of enlarging our penises but it is way less money to do that. Safer too. Thanks, SizeGenetics. I’m glad we don’t have to get surgery. “

“It’s J. Smith from Ontario, Canada – I ordered this a couple of months ago from you guys. I just wanted to write a quick review and say thank you for creating a product that actually WORKS. I won’t go into too much detail since you already know the results it can produce. So anyway, thanks a million. My sex life rocks now.”

SizeGenetics Results

Those who have tried the SizeGenetics device have noted that it’s comfortable to wear and you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone finding out you’re wearing it, because it’s so subtle. This is a very important feature, because most penis extenders are uncomfortable to wear, which means you wouldn’t have the privilege of wearing it outside your house. The effect? It’ll take a long time before you experience the results!

With the SizeGenetics, within the first 3 months of use, you’ll notice that you have already grown half an inch, and by the end of the 6-month mark, you’ll notice that your penis size have dramatically improved!

It’s important to note that in order to enjoy those, you should also exercise during the duration of using this device, and wear it at least for a few hours every-day.

Final Verdict

For those who are in search of natural ways on how they can improve their penis size, they should give SizeGenetics a try. It’s a device that’s capable of providing the results that you have dreamed of, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any discomfort nor pain as you use this penis traction device.

Best of all, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can always ask for a money-back guarantee. That being said, you don’t have anything to lose, so give the SizeGenetics device a try.