If you are like a majority of men, then you probably want to be good in bed. You probably want to be great in bed and satisfy your partner each time you engage in sex. This is rather normal. However, most men believe that their penis is below average. Some of them may be right, but even those who have average size penises can benefit from a bigger penis. That is why for many years now, men have been looking for the best solution for penis enlargement.

Over the years of extensive research has found some techniques that offer certain results. Therefore, today men use unique rubbing techniques, pills, lotions, creams, solutions, and penis pumps. As much as all these methods may yield some results, no method is as effective as the use of penis pumps.

For two decades now, penis pumps have been present in the market. However, each year the market gets enriched with a few new models which are more advanced and come with more sophisticated features resulting in better outcomes. It can be rather overwhelming to find out which pumps work best for you and which ones are not useful. This is the main reason you have to go through product reviews thoroughly. Here is an honest review dedicated to X4 Labs Penis Pump, one of the best-selling penis pumps on the market today.

What is X4 Labs Penis Pumps?

X4 Labs is a penis traction device that promises to help men achieve their ultimate penis length and girth, improve their sexual performance and stamina through the process of cell division. According to this process, whenever the human cell divides through mitosis, the DNA-molecules wrap themselves around each new cell. This cell division process leads to continuous development of each cell independent of others. You do not have to be bothered whether the process is safe as each cell gets its portion of nourishment. Therefore, the health of each cell is assured.

Apart from being effective when it comes to penis enlargement, X4 Labs also offers the peace of mind and confidence to their users. Additionally, this device provides a double growth and money back guarantee. So, if you do not experience a significant improvement in your penis girth and length by using X4 Labs, then you can get your money back.

Also, X4 Labs comes with a special patent pending 8-slot Infinite Quad Support System. This four slot Hybrid Support System increases the stability while maintaining endless customization and a high level of comfort. It also offers support to the dual silicone tube, the UltraFit Velcro and the dual comfort straps. The device also comes with three types of fasteners with high-grade memory foam for an effortlessly comfortable fit.

What does X4 Labs have to offer?

X4 Labs have made penis pumps easy to use by making them air-assisted. This means that you can use them wherever at any time even while you are in bed. Unlike the water-assisted penis pumps which can only be used in the bathroom, you can use the air-assisted pumps while you are both in the toilet or bathroom. Apart from this, it is also way cheaper than the water-assisted pumps. This is one of the central reasons why most men would rather purchase the air-assisted penis pump other than the water-assisted one.

There are three types of air-assisted penis pumps in the market for you to choose from. Fortunately, X4 Labs offers all of them and have ensured that they have maintained the highest quality that they are known for. Also, it is good to note that all of these penis pumps in this review come with a warranty.

Speaking from the many customers X4 Labs have all around the globe, X4 Labs has maintained its top position as the leading manufactures of the air-assisted penis pumps. This proves that they have perfected their craft, which is using medically approved and lab tested materials to produce the best air-assisted penis pumps in the market.

Does X4 Labs Work? How?

This product works and produces desired results. Unlike other brands which claim to be effective but falls short in offering tangible results, this penis pump is true to its words. So, yes X4 Labs works. Like most penis pumps, X4 Labs increases the girth and length of your penis by exerting progressive and prolonged tension or through traction to your penis. The traction results from the tension screws, extending rods and tension springs.

When your penis is constantly subjected to stretching and pulling, it will eventually get longer. This is the same principle that works with muscle building. Minor damage occurs in the penile tissues due to the prolonged tension which triggers the body to send blood cells and other healing agents to repair the penis and build new collagen. This constant tearing, stretching and repairing is what causes permanent growth of the penis.

How to Use X4 Labs

As much as X4 Labs may appear to be quite complex, it is very simple and effective. To put on this device, simply put your penis through the large hole that’s in the base of the pump. At this point place the glans against the top part so that you can strap it in either one of two ways. The first option is to use the silicone harness which forms a noose around the penis below the head. While the other alternative is to use the silicone comfort strap which secures the penis in a place like a belt wound or an armband, you are free to choose any of the two options that you are most comfortable.

However, the trick here is to set the rods longer than your penis. You can either add or remove the rods so that it can fit the extender according to your penis size. The pump comes with various sizes of rods such as half an inch, one inch, two inches or three inches to accommodate your growing penis. Once you set the appropriate rod according to the size of your penis, the spring inside the pump will exert a constant outward tension pulling the top of your penis forward or outward.

Additionally, you can use the tension screws to adjust the tension using the three slots in the rods that show various levels of tension in grams. It is important to note that the higher the tension, the larger your penis will grow. However, make sure that you are continually careful when adjusting the tension since too much tension may lead to injury.

Different Editions of X4 Labs Penis Pump

There are ten X4 Labs penis pump editions which are created for different categories of men. They include:

  1. Extreme Ultimate Edition

This edition includes male enhancement supplements, the traction therapy, penis exercises and pumping for penises that are from 4 to 20 inches.

  1. Gold Luxury Edition

This is the complete package that includes a penis pump, silicone tube harnesses, adjustable comfort straps, penile traction lubrication, foam pads and an enhancement exercise guide for penises form 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Peyronies’s Professional Edition

This edition is designed as an ultimate traction therapy for bent penis with no surgeries. It also offers a 12-month supply of vitamin E supplements for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Anniversary Ultra Edition

This is an exclusive package that contains all the innovative ideas that were developed within the ten years of activity for penises from 1 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Extreme Premium Edition

It includes all the elements that are needed to make sure that you experience comfortable penis enhancement, a 3- month supply of Sinrex Male Enhancement supplements and Penis Access exercises for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Premium Edition

This edition promises perfect comfort and customization with the set of different fastening methods and elongation bars for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Peyronie’s Premium Edition

It is the best edition for bent penises on the market; it comes with a progress ruler and a 6-month supply of Vitamin E supplements for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Deluxe Edition

It comes with a complete set of fixtures such as tension springs, penis extender, foam pads, comfort straps and elongation bars that are designed for fast and effective penis enlargement for penises from 4 to 7 inches.

  1. Peyronie’s Deluxe Edition

It’s designed to correct penis curvature effectively and at the fastest time possible and it includes the Vitamin E Boost formula, the package of accessories and the Deluxe Edition Extender for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches.

  1. Starter Edition

This edition offers all the elements that you will require to start your journey of penis enlargement process safely and effectively.

Advantages of X4 Labs Penis Pump

Among the many penis pumps available on the market, X4 Labs is one of the most popular penis extenders. It has won the hearts of many men with the following advantages:

  • It is manufactured from safe medical raw material that complies with all sanitary standards.
  • It is fixed simply and safely, therefore; it causes no pain or adverse reactions.
  • It is a compact device. Therefore, a man can wear it at any time anywhere.
  • The device comes at a reasonable price that is affordable for most men.
  • It has money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.

Bottom Line

X4 Labs penis pump is a very efficient and effective male enhancement device. It offers a variety of package and lots of advantages such as reduced curvature and premature ejaculation, a longer and thicker penis, high-quality material and most importantly positive results. The X4 Labs is highly recommended by medical experts and thousands of users who are happy and satisfied with their results. If you are on a modest and still wish to improve your sexual performance and grow your penis, look no further. X4 Labs is a practical solution to penis size issues.