The chances are that at some point or another, you’ve questioned about the size of your penis.

Is my penis too small?

Is my penis too big?

These are some of the most common question placed by men in different search engines.

Also, Urologists confirm that penis size is one of the most common concerns expressed by their patients. If you’ve come across the term micropenis, you might think that your penis is tiny.

However, that might not be the case at all. Micropenis is a condition where the penis, though normal when it comes to function and structure, it’s markedly small. It is a real but rare condition that only affects a small percentage of men.

How small actually is micropenis? What are the causes of this condition? And how is it treated? If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions, then read on to find out more.

What is Micropenis?

Micropenis is defined as a normally structured organ with the erectile penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the penis size of the average human being.

This means that the penis of a man with micropenis is smaller by about 7cm compared to the penis of an average man when in erection state. An average erection is about 12.5cm. For you to achieve the correct measurement of the penis, it is important that you carefully stretch it and take the measurement from the base of the penis.

When it comes to sexual intercourse, most men with micropenis will function in a normal way. However, even if the erectile function is normal, some men with this condition will fail to satisfy their partners.

For a lady to get penetration satisfaction while having sex with a man with this condition, the couple should consider trying different sex position or use sex toys.

Causes of Micropenis

There are quite a number of causes that can make one have this problem. Here are some of them:

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is perhaps the most common cause of micropenis. It is believed that micropenis is caused by low levels of the much needed male sex hormones known as dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. These hormones allow normal growth and development of male genitals. Also, it can be due to deficiency of congenital hypogonadism hormone. This is the hormone responsible for growth in male including height.

  • Genetics

Sometimes micropenis disorder maybe something that runs in the family. This is as a result of male sex chromosomal abnormality transferring from one generation to the other. If you have a family history of male children being born with this condition then chances are that your child might also have the same condition. This can either be from the mother’s side or the father’s side.

  • Environmental Problems Surrounding the Mother When Pregnant

Research has also proved that some male children get his problem due to the environmental factors surrounding their mothers when pregnant. When a maternal parent uses some products that contain steroids during pregnancy, some enzymes in the body can be tampered with thus resulting to this condition.

  • Exposure to too Much Pesticide

It has also been proven that exposure of the kid or the maternal mother to too much pesticide can have detrimental effects that can result to micropenis. That is why it is not advisable to expose a male kid in places where they are too much pesticide. In addition, if the mother is exposed to such an environment while expectant, she should be wearing some protective gear.

  • No Known Cause

In some cases, one can suffer from this condition with no particular cause. This means that there are no hormonal abnormalities, not hereditary or the mother or the kid have never being exposed to pesticides.

How Does Micropenis Affect Men?

Having a significantly small penis can take a toll in a man’s life especially if he allows it.

Some men with a small penis always imagine how good their lives would be if they had a big penis. Having a micropenis can have both physical and psychological effects on a man.

When it comes to physical effects, the size of their penis can hinder them from satisfying a woman sexually. It can also hinder them from giving their partners a satisfying sexual experience.

Men with this condition may find it quite a challenge to penetrate their partners using some sex angles and positions. Penetrative sex can become almost impossible for men who have a penis that cannot go up to 2 inches even when erect. Men with a micropenis can even find it to be a bit challenging to urinate while standing.

The inability to have sex and satisfy your sexual partner can have adverse psychological effects on a man. Owning to the modern culture of celebrating a penis as a major factor of masculinity, some men with small penis suffer from low self-esteem. This can eventually lead to emotional pain, anxiety, and depression.

Several researchers suggest that it is important for men to sexually satisfy their partners. Once men with micropenis see such information, the first thing that comes into their mind is that they can’t satisfy their partner since they have a small penis. This makes such a man feel inadequate. Depression arising from such an issue will not only affect a man’s sexual life but his overall life.

Emotionally, guys with micropenis will tend to avoid relationships, attachments with women and even any sexual encounters so that they can prevent any possibilities of being mocked over their small penis. Not being able to overcome such fears and develop a great sexual relationship will have some negative impacts on anyone’s life.

Most men with this condition tend to discuss this issue with other people they feel more comfortable with rather than a doctor because they feel embarrassed.

Treatment of Micropenis

Treatment of micropenis varies between young children and adults. Given the fact that a toddler is still growing treatment such as testosterone booster can prove to be effective. However, the same cannot be as effective for adults. Here are some of the available treatment for people with micropenis.

  • Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is recommended for young children with three months intramuscular injections. Research has shown that applying testosterone to a child with a time interval of four weeks can significantly improve the size of his penis. For a male child with this condition, circumcision should be delayed until the treatment is completed. Testosterone therapy can be very beneficial for children below the age of three but it can still prove beneficial for boys of up to 8 years.

  • Gender Reassignment

Traditionally, young children with micropenis often underwent through gender reassignment surgery. This was more in response to the cultural discomfort of having a small penis. Today, the practice has subdued with many medical practitioners questioning the wisdom of the process. Gender reassignment should occur at a later age when the boy is old enough to make a personal decision on the same. Also, with the emergence of testosterone therapy, a majority of people prefer that kind of treatment rather than gender reassignment.

  • Penis Enlargement Surgery

Some men with micropenis undergo a surgery known as phalloplasty to enlarge their manhood. This type of surgery has varying degrees of success. Enlargement surgery involves different types of operation. The first one that a surgeon can perform is called flap surgery. This type of surgery involves grafting of skin from other parts of the body to the penis. However, this kind of surgery is less common since it involves a high risk. The second technique that can be used involves detachment of the ligament that supports the penis during an erection. Performing this surgery allows the penis to lie in an obtuse position rather than acute. This creates the perception of greater length.

The potential risk arising from using surgery as penis enlargement solution include nerve damage, erectile dysfunction, loss of penile sensation, and the retraction of the penis if the scar tissue develops at the incision site.

  • Exercise and Extenders

Using exercise and extenders to solve micropenis problem is one of the most efficient and safest solutions. It helps to increase the size of the penis in both flaccid and erect state. Penis extenders not only help a man to increase the size of his penis but also restores his confidence and self-esteem.

Many experts today believe that penis extenders are the most ideal solution for not only micropenis but small penis and men who would want to improve their sexual performance by enlarging their penis. In fact, there are numerous scientific studies that support the use of penis extenders to enlarge micropenis and small penis since they are safe.

Consult a Doctor

As much as the treatment solutions discussed above might be effective in solving micropenis problems, it is advisable that you seek medical attention before using any of it.

Don’t be tempted to try and solve the problem your own. Visiting a doctor (preferably a Urologist) will help you evaluate the available solutions and choose the best according to your specific situation.

Also, if you are not sure if you have a micropenis, visit your doctor and he/she will make it clear for you if you have a micropenis or not.

Best Devices to Enlarge a Micropenis

  1. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is one of the most popular male penis extenders devices in the market today. It has been in operation for more than two decades and has survived all the mandatory safety approvals. It has received thousands of positive reviews from happy customers who have used it before. SizeGenetics has been clinically tested and endorsed by some of the top-rated doctors around the world. The devices are meant to provide a notable increase in length and girth for men with micropenis and a small penis.

SizeGenetics applies the same ideas to weight lifting. All it does is stretch the muscle in your penis so that it can increase in size. It starts working immediately you’ve attached it to your penis. According to doctors, penis stretching leads to pulling and splitting your cells away just like it is with bodybuilding. After some time, the cells heal and new ones are generated. The more cells the penis have the bigger it becomes. This helps it to hold more blood during an erection helping you to achieve bigger and firmer erections. The process is painless and 100% safe.

Pros of SizeGenetics

  • It doesn’t cause any harm to the penis
  • It offers approximately 2,800 grams of comfort and unique tension
  • The device is able to protect penis curvature
  • Its effectiveness is clinically proven
  • It helps you boost your self-confidence
  • It’s not easily noticeable when you are wearing one
  1. X4 Labs Penis Extender

X4 Labs Penis Extender is a penis extender device designed to non-surgically improve the penis girth and length. It also helps in straightening penis curvature. The logic behind how this device works is pretty simple. It applies the same principle applied by the Kayan tribal women who manage to elongate their neck with neck rings and brass. The theory behind it is that the stress applied to the penis will make its skin to reproduce more cells. This makes more blood flow into the penis which in turn cannot only increase the size of the penis but also improve libido. It also helps in enhancing sexual performance.

It is recommended that you wear this device for at least 6 hours every day so that you can reap the maximum benefits that come with it. The results vary depending on how long one chooses to wear the device. Generally speaking, your penis will continue to grow depending on how long you plan to wear the device. However, experts say that there is a threshold where your penis cannot go beyond though the exact limit is not yet established.

Pros of X4 Labs Penis Extender

  • Helps a micropenis grow in length and girth
  • Designed to correct Peyronie’s disease or irregular curvature
  • Medically approved and clinically tested
  • Comes in five different consumer packages
  • Can treat premature ejaculation and improve erectile dysfunction
  1. Size Doctor Penis Extender

Your journey of becoming an alpha male does not begin until you get a legit penis extender. The Size Doctor Penis extender is a high-quality device from Korea. The device includes everything required for proper penis enlargement. Unlike other devices, this one does not contain a noose or strap. It uses a vacuum to firmly hold the penis within a small vessel while the traction force is placed on the entire penis shaft. When used properly, this device can help increase the size of the penis within a short time. This extender is well designed and it does solve many issues that you may experience with other penis extender devices. If you are looking for a device that can help you solve your problem safely and comfortably, then this is it.

Pros of Size Doctor Penis Extender

  • The device is very comfortable
  • The material used to make it is of top quality
  • Highly adjustable
  • It features a well thought-out design
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Applies an adequate amount of force to completely stretch the penis
  • Lightweight
  • No loss of circulation or pinching

Bottom Line

As much as having a micropenis is not a life-threatening condition, it certainly takes a toll on an individual’s life. Early diagnosis of the condition is crucial so that one can commence with testosterone hormonal therapy as soon as possible.

However, if therapy does not offer satisfactory results, male penis extenders can come in handy. They are safe and comfortable devices that can help you enlarge your penis within a short period.

You do not have to continue suffering from humiliation from your sexual partner, start your journey of satisfactory sexual encounters with a suitable male penis extender!