Rarely do I get a toy where the product’s name is 100% accurate to how it performs, but there you go: The Lovely 2.0 is absolutely lovely in every way, shape, and form.

But, hey ho, if we left things there then I wouldn’t be doing you or Lovely 2.0 much justice, so you can be sure that I’m going to dive in to things a bit more.

Diving in to things is much more Lovely 2.0‘s thing than mine at times, though. I confess, I’m not one of those SEO wizards who always has an eye on her stats trying to manipulate the analytics or hit a certain reach per week/day. It’s just not me…at least not when it comes to my site. I’m pretty much here to just try and say my thing and hopefully help people along the way, and so my stats are more periphery than they probably should be.

Lovely 2.0, on the other hand, offers up statistics so extensive, quirky and (best of all) sex and relationship related that my sex nerd side cannot help but squee at the sheer brilliance of this product, neither can my relationship & wellbeing side.

Lovely 2.0

“But Emmeline,” you might be saying, “There are SO MANY app-based sex toys on the market now. You yourself have said that you barely use them and I don’t want to get my phone sticky for nothing. Is Lovely 2.0 really all that special?”

I feel ya, my hypothetical reader (who probably says more about myself than my actual readers, but I digress). I am a very sceptical reviewer when it comes to the purpose and practicality of app-based sex toys, in certain circumstances.

Those circumstances would be where the app is basically just a glorified remote control button – doing no more that the button on the toy or, shock of shocks, a wireless remote control button would be able to do. And, yes, perhaps having a toy that links to your phone might seem more convenient in the moment but phones are an expensive luxury and I’m not bringing mine to the place with the lubricants, oils, candles, and sticky, pointy things unless it’s going to do something that my toy’s remote can’t.

That’s where Lovely 2.0 carves its niche.

Y’see Lovely 2.0 is less about the included wearable per say. Sure, the wearable is part of it all but notice the terminology in just that little bit of this paragraph. It’s a ‘wearable’ – part of a more comprehensive experience that Lovely 2.0 are trying to carve out for its users, and this is where the value of Lovely 2.0 comes in.

Lovely 2.0 is all about tapping in to the sexual encounters that it is used during and then trying to enhance or vary those experiences based on the data that it collects. All you need to do is wear the Lovely 2.0 wearable during sex (either around a shaft for a firm erection and increased sensation or on the fingers for more clitoral or gender neutral explorations). Afterwards yourself and your partner can then go on to the Lovely 2.0 app at any point to explore different positions, give feedback on your session, say what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you did in general, and all the good stuff.

From there the Lovely 2.0 algorithm will offer up further suggestions, positions, and experiences which you can then explore together in future sessions – continuing to try new things, explore, and communicate about your experiences in one convenient app.

You might think this all sounds a bit disconnected and clinical but is it really?

I personally found the Lovely 2.0 app to be bright, open, and (above all else) highly connected. Connected not only to the device (always helpful) and the net but also to the user’s feelings and ideas about what helps a healthy relationship succeed. It encourages users to think about their feelings, communicate, share any potential sexual desires they might have and generally acts a shared mindfulness journal for sexual exploration and mutual bonding.

How absolutely lovely does that sound!? And there’s that word again.

The same can be applied to the wearable itself. This toy (primarily a cock ring or clitoral stimulator) is made from silicone and has a nice stretchy section to allow for shafts or fingers to easily and comfortably be inserted. Every time this ring was used for testing it seemed to fit suitably and without issue or constriction.

Silicone in general is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe, making it the sex toy material of choice. But what set Lovely 2.0 apart was just how smooth and delicate it felt against my fingers. I was legitimately taken aback when I first picked this toy up and ran my fingers across it. I’m used to ‘soft’ toys, but I really wasn’t ready for just how truly gentle and, dare I say, sweet Lovely 2.0 felt. It was like attending a traditional British picnic on a summer’s day. All strawberries, cream, and delicate pink blossoms. That was the mental picture that so clearly came to mind when it came to this toy’s silicone.

Against my vulva it was just as beautifully poised for stroking up against the body, and the rimmed section means that with every thrust users get contact not just with the silicone softness but also a little bit of tantalizing texture. It’s a very good combination.

As this toy is waterproof it is incredibly easy to clean and much to my joy it’s also not a dust and fur magnet. Thank the sex gods. This toy is also rechargeable has unlimited remote controlled patterns due to its app (I count this as standard for app-based toys, not exceptional), and even tells you how many calories you’ve burned if you want!

I consider this to perhaps be one of the problematic elements of Lovely 2.0, especially for people who might have disordered eating, an eating disorder, or just don’t want to know, but I think many others will actually enjoy the novel sexercise aspect that it brings in to play.

Glamour certainly thought so, saying ‘Better sex, vibrations, and workout tips in one? Sign us up!’

And that attitude is it really – this is a toy all about connecting couples, educating people, and just really encouraging people to think about their sexual encounters, as opposed to assuming that sex has to be a complacent or familiar act. It doesn’t and we can engage with it so many different ways, Lovely 2.0 being one of them.

Alas, another potential ‘downside’ I must mention is the vibrations. They really aren’t a downside at all to my mind, they rumble and purr and massage the body buuut they’re mid-strength. Power queens probably won’t get much from Lovely 2.0 unless they’re really trying to wring an orgasm out of their body. This will be a problem for those who need oomph.

I’ve never really seen the point or effectiveness of power in a ring toy like this though…that is if you’re using it as a cock ring. If it’s your primary continual clitoral stimulation, however, and you know that you need a lot of power then I’m afraid Lovely 2.0 just isn’t there for you…yet. For all other situations, though, this toy is such a refreshing and brilliant approach to both ring wearables and app-based toys in general and I am overjoyed to have tried it out.

Final Thoughts

Lovely 2.0 has been described by Bustle as Lovely 2.0 ‘like a sexual playground for you to run amok in’ and I couldn’t agree more.

This is a product that brings back that sense of playful, sweet wonder of being able to discover and explore new ways to find the fun in life.

For anyone who is an app nerd, a sexercise fan, a delicate vibe digger, or just simply curious as to what a platform to mutually communicate might have to offer then I highly recommend Lovely 2.0.

If I had a continual partner right now then I think I’d be going full deep dive in to it with them with sheer joy, and I believe it has the ability to provide that feeling to many others.

Recommend to:

  • Couples looking to explore.
  • Newcomers to sex toys.
  • App and analytic lovers.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who like to switch off during sex.
  • People who need strong vibrations.
  • People who dislike this wearable design.