I’m a little bit gutted really.

Y’see the idea of this review was to have a chance to look at the Lelo Mia 2 Red. The reasoning being that, although I’ve reviewed the Mia 2, there is a certain degree to psychology which suggests that colour does matter in life.

Colour therapy, for example, is something that matters and is practiced by some therapists. Widening that a bit, Art Therapy is regularly implemented nowadays. Heck, it’s the only form of therapy provided by the NHS in my area for those who suffer with an eating disorder. Sucks to be you if you’re a bulimic with a hatred for Bauhaus

So, yeah, red is one of my favourite colours. Red is ‘on brand’ and the Red Mia 2 is currently on sale too (and very Christmas appropriate, or Valentine’s for that matter…or Halloween…basically most holidays involve red) so I was super duper excited to receive, review, and discuss the Lelo Mia 2 Red.

The only problem?

I accidentally got sent a ‘Deep Rose’ one.


The Lelo Mia 2 Red Deep Rose

Deep Rose, I think we can all agree, is not red.

Sure, it’s nice, but to my mind it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, as someone trying to sound fancy might say.

Part of that will be down to expectation, of course. In life we expect certain things to be a certain colour and that expectation influences our experiences more than anything else. Case in point: Tomato ketchup. Do you really think that that is naturally brilliant cherry red? Heck no! Sure, tomatoes are red and a sauce made from them is quite rouge, but a homemade tommy sauce will differ quite a bit from the standardized red offering of supermarket stores and that’s just how we want it. Once Heinz actually launched green tomato ketchup in a bid to target a ‘younger market’ it didn’t end well. To be fair, it rarely does.

In a famous 1973 study a guy called Wheatley sat a bunch of guests down for a meal of steaks, chips, and peas. Classic.

People happily tucked in and enjoyed themselves immensely bar one thing – the lights were down incredibly dim. That dimness was a specific illuminosity level which, after Wheatley had received positive feedback for the food, was then taken away to reveal that the steaks people had been eating were blue, the chips were green, and the peas were (appropriately) Mia 2 Red. Most of the diners suddenly felt incredibly ill, with a fair few of them rushing off to the bathroom to give an altogether more graphic appraisal of the meal.

Such is the power of colour when it comes to our expectations and enjoyment.

Which is why we should never underestimate the power of colour (or our expectation of colour) when it comes to sex toys. Colours are an empowering, social, emotional, cultural, and personal way for us to engage with and interact with the things we invite in our lives, sex toys being a pretty friggin intimate thing to interact with.

Red as a colour is often attributed with danger, thrills, passion, action and allure. Hence for those who appreciate red the Mia 2 Red is pretty much a dream come true.

Deep Rose is a variation of pink, with pink being more about love, romance, softness, empathy, and delicate intimacy. Having said that, the deeper and darker variation of pink that deep rose embodies is rather striking – almost like a purple – and invites quite a few of the same emotions or descriptors that red might. There is also somewhat of a maturity to ‘deep rose.’ It looks and feels like a vibrator that is akin to fine wine. Professional to levels that are almost sordid, and entirely primed for a meeting with one’s genitals.

So I suppose the most interesting part of my experience with the Mia 2 Red wasn’t the red, but rather the disparity of red vs rich pink and then how that altered and defined my sexual experience with the vibrator I found myself owning.

The great thing about doing so with the Mia 2 is that this to is pretty much brilliant even with the colour variation placed to one side. Waterproof, USB rechargeable, discreet, and with 6 different settings, the Lelo Mia 2 is a classy vibe and performs with all the grace and finesse that its design might suggest.

At 4.4 inches by 09. inches the Lelo Mia 2 is not a ‘bullet vibe’ and fits more appropriately in to that ‘lipstick’ category, which is good because that’s exactly what it’s trying to be.

This means that the Lelo Mia 2 is made with an ABS case, which transfers its vibrations with a good amount of clarity. The vibrations themselves are adjustable in terms of intensity and start off with a lovely and gentle hum before increasing more in depth and rumble than anything else. The smooth hum of this vibrator persists throughout and is the predominant sensation which is a really nice element of the toy. In terms of use it translates to reliable climaxes which are almost always louder than the toy itself (which is near whisper quiet).

I have never had a bad experience with the Lelo Mia 2, and do think that it provides a very good travel vibe option, or a general by-the-bed option for those who like or need something a little smaller or more discreet. It’s a real winner in many regards.

What isn’t a winner, however, is the fact that you have to unscrew its ‘cap’ of a top section in order to reveal the USB for charging. I personally am dreadful at keeping an eye on the cap, especially considering I have a pet that likes to steal anything small and portable, meaning that I’m often left on the hunt for this toy’s cap in inconvenient moments. I’m sure you can imagine the frustration of this.

Other downsides of this toy are more subjective, though; things like the firmness of the material, the rounded tip of this toy’s vibrating shaft, or the vibrations lacking a rough juddering rumble (which some people prefer). These aren’t things to worry about unless you know that you have very strict preferences and are seeing a clash.

In all other cases the Lelo Mia 2 is a very good toy selection and also comes in a nice box for gift giving. You can always rely on Lelo when it comes to presenting a certain persona.

Final Thoughts

This review started with colours and so it makes sense that it end with some colour talk too, especially given that the Mia 2 comes in other colours as well.

Deep black and a more babyish pastel pink are the other colours on other, allowing for a certain amount of aesthetic diversity with this product for those who want to dabble in colour psychology themselves.

As for my colour journey. I would be lying if I said that Deep Rose was just as good as Red in my mind, but I’m willing to make my peace with it due to the overall effectiveness of this vibrator.

I can, and likely always will, recommend the Lelo Mia 2 and feel like users will be coloured with delight if they choose to purchase one.

Recommend to:

  • People who like smaller vibes.
  • People who like intensity variation.
  • People who need a discreet vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike Lelo.
  • People who prefer thumpy vibrations.
  • People who dislike every colour available (wha…?)