There aren’t too many things you could do to turn off your sexual partner, but ejaculating too fast is at the top of the short list.

Your sexual partner is there to receive and give pleasure. However, it can get a bit discouraging when you can’t uphold your side of the bargain. Men who can’t be able to hold their orgasm time and again, they can find it hard not to become anxious in a romantic situation.

The worst thing that can happen to you whenever you fail to control your orgasm is to start worrying about your ability to pleasure your sexual partner. The more you worry, the more your problem is going to worsen and the lower your confidence is going to drop.

If you are among the thousands of men who can’t control their orgasm, this post is going to give you some few tips, techniques and strategies on how to control ejaculation.

Learning to Control

Learning how to control a man’s orgasm can be termed more of an art than science. Unlike what most people think, it is very possible to control a man’s orgasm and make him last longer in bed.

Premature ejaculation can be quite an embarrassing occurrence that most men never want anyone to know that it happens to them. If you are among such men, then you are not alone. You don’t have to feel embarrassed or depressed with your situation.

Most men who can’t last in bed tend to look for solutions on the internet. The problem is that they are so many misleading information that promises to solve your problem. The good news today we are going to narrow down the options for you and give you some sure techniques to help you control your orgasm.

Understanding Men Orgasm

First thing first, before learning how to control your orgasm, it is important that you first understand men orgasm. You might be thinking that you ejaculate prematurely, but the truth is that you are perfectly normal.

Male orgasm involves contraction of anal, PC muscle, penis and perineum and a feeling of throbbing and pumping. It takes an average man 5 to 15 minutes to achieve an orgasm, and the sensation of ejaculation can intensify orgasm. Different ejaculation time depends on your stamina, mood, and drive. It is paramount for you to know that ejaculation and orgasm are two very different events. A man can have an orgasm without necessarily ejaculating.

Understanding Women orgasm

One of the most common misconceptions that a majority of men have is that the longer they last, the easier it will be for the woman to reach climax as they thrust. The truth is yes women do last longer, but there is more to thrust for them to achieve an orgasm. Women experience multiple orgasms. They can achieve one even without penetration. They don’t really need to have intercourse for them to have an orgasm.

The main difference between men and women orgasm is that women can achieve orgasm just by stimulating the G-spot or clitoris. Their orgasm is described as a wave of pleasure throughout their body, and a series of contractions felt through the anus, uterus, genital and cervix. These contractions occur at a time interval of 0.8 seconds. It takes an average woman between 15 to 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm.

Where do You Start?

It paramount to note that the main goal of having sexual intercourse is not to last longer in bed but to achieve a fulfilling orgasm for both you and your partner. It does not necessarily mean that if you take hours before ejaculating, you are both going to achieve an orgasm. According to research, endurance and stamina are not the only things that you should be placing much of your focus on. This is because you will be missing countless other factors to help your woman reach her climax.

How to Control Your Orgasm as Man

  • Know Yourself

It is vital that as a man you need to be aware of your sexual response. To learn how to control your orgasm, you need to learn your sexual response and know when you are almost at the point of no return. If you know about your sexual response, then you should not have any difficulties recognizing when you are about to achieve an orgasm. Research has it that a man can slowly learn how to control his orgasm by slowing down the stimulation immediately and also abruptly stopping the intimate act.

  • Take Time With Your Foreplay

One of the most puzzling parts about trying to squeeze sex into your busy life is making the transition from your day to day life to the erotic zone. One of the sure ways to help you transition between these two environments is to have your partner do a massage to you. Take at least five to ten minutes of exchanging massage before both of you to get into action. By doing this, you will be encouraging yourself and your partner to relax and breathe deeply. A great massage done on the back, butt and the feet could prime your body for more pleasure and comfort. A massage is a good solution for people who would want to last longer in bed.

Additionally, before you get down to work, spend some time kissing. This helps both you and your partner to get psychologically prepared for sex. It also helps you to take some time and allow your body to be sexually aroused. While kissing, let your lips and hands explore your partner’s body.

  • Control your Environment

The fact is, having sex in a comfortable place where you and your sexual partner will not be overexcited will help you last longer in bed and control your orgasm. While having sex, avoid anything that is too exciting such as having sex in public. If you feel more relax on your bed, then you should stick to having sex in the bedroom until you can learn how to control your orgasm.

  • Wrap it

Ask any man how it feels to have sex with a condom and the most likely answer you will receive is that it doesn’t feel as good. Having sex with a condom on definitely feel different. You can take advantage of this to help you last longer. Most men often find the sensation of sex without a condom too intense thus causing them to lose control quickly. The thin rubber on the condom will help in reducing the hypersensitivity of your penis. Try using a condom and see how it will work for you. If it helps you last longer, the better.

  • Breath More

Most people tend to hold their breath when there are having an orgasm. This makes the action to feel a little more intense. In actuality, if you can learn how to control your breathing while having an orgasm and focus on it, you will experience a heightened and more intense sensation. While you hold your breath during the action, you stop the depth and intensity of the orgasm. This can be enhanced by slowly taking some deep breaths. When you feel you are almost having an orgasm, take a deep breath and count up to four and then exhale slowly to the count of four. Make sure that your deep breath ride through the wave of the orgasm.

Taking some deep breath while having sex and focusing on them will also help you learn how to control your orgasm. The act helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. Try and breath in a way that your belly rises before the chest does.

  • Sexual Therapy

In some cases, men need sex therapy so that they can learn how to control their orgasm. Some men can have an attitude about sex from different places including from home, media, internet, and school. How a man discovered sex could be through a combination of various factors. Your mind gets to perceive sex depending on how you got to learn about it.

As you reach teen years, then you get to learn how to masturbate. You may have programmed your body to ejaculate faster, which can later develop into premature ejaculation. Don’t be surprised if your sex therapist recommends that you seek help from a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist will help you relieve all the sexual anxiety, guilt, and fear you’ve developed over the years.

  • Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique can halt premature ejaculation, foster intimacy, potentially make sex longer and achieve a fulfilling orgasm for both partners. According to sex experts, there are three areas on a man’s penis where squeezing or applying some pressure can help him maintain an erection. First, try and make a tight ring using your thumb and the index finger around the base of your penis when it is on an erect position. This will help you keep the blood flow to the engorged penis. The second method requires you to apply some pressure on the underside of the penis’s head. This area is known to be men’s hot spot. The area is densely packed with nerves. The third place you can press to control your orgasm is the perineum area. This is the spot that lies between your anus and the base of your testicles.

Squeeze any of the three spots mentioned above when you feel like ejaculating. So you can go ahead with your normal foreplay and sexual act as normal but as soon as you feel like ejaculating stop and squeeze any of the spots. Do it until the urge of ejaculating ceases. Release the squeeze and then wait for approximately 30 seconds before you can continue with your sexual act. This act is not supposed to hurt.

  • Change Position

One of the most natural ways to control your orgasm and make sex last longer is by changing sex position. The truth is some sex positions can stimulate a man and make him orgasm quicker than other positions. The missionary sex position is one of the best methods to use if you would like to last longer. You can also let your woman come on top of you. When your woman is on top, your penis will get less stimulated and will allow you to take longer before achieving orgasm. Ask her to go slowly on you. Deeper and fast thrusts can really be hazardous when it comes to your endurance. You can also practice entering your woman and not doing anything for some few minutes to allow your manhood to get acquainted with the warm feeling of her insides. Moreover, make sure you learn more sex positions with your woman so that you can know which one works the best for you and your partner when it comes to controlling your orgasm.

  • Start-Stop Technique

Orgasm control is important not just for the sake of your partner’s pleasure but yours as well. Have your partner stimulate you until you come close to having an orgasm then back off. Repeat this and stop each time you are almost reaching an orgasm. This will help in elevating your sexual arousal, keeping it at the peak for longer and intensifying it.

  • Numbing it

Numbing the penis with a topical anesthetic is another very popular technique used to control orgasm. Most people might dread this method because they think it involves using aesthetic injection to numb the penis. No, it doesn’t, all you have to do is apply aesthetics on the shaft of the penis to desensitize it. This helps you to reduce the sensation and stimulation. Some of the most commonly used products in this method include the delay creams and the desensitizing sprays.

  • Orgasm Control Pills

Another popular method used by most people to control their orgasm is by using orgasm control pills. These pills can either come in the form of natural supplements, prescription medicines, or specially formulated sex pills. Also, you can decide to visit your health practitioner to recommend for you some of the best pills. However, the most recommended pills by medical experts include Prozac, PE pills, prolong Plus and ProSolution.

Healthy tips on How to Hold Your Semen longer and Avoid Being a Two-Minute Man

The two-minute man is a title no man would like to have under his tag. Statistics say that more than 75% of men say that they would like to last a few more minutes in bed. There is nothing as embarrassing for a man as ejaculating prematurely even before breaking a sweat. Such an occurrence leaves both you and your partner frustrated and sexually unsatisfied.

If you are looking forward to impressing your partner and giving her the utmost pleasure, then you need to last longer on that bed and know exactly what to do to make her while on it. Here are some additional healthy tips you can adopt and save you from your nightmare.

  • Reduce Stress

If you would like to give your woman a great performance, then you should adopt measures that help you to reduce stress. Research has it that stress is one of the leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Before resulting in other methods aimed to help you control your orgasm, first assess your stress level. Taking just a couple of minutes a day to meditate can help you manage anxiety and stress.

  • Reduce Your Meat

Meat may be among your favorite meals. However, studies point out that meat can be one of the reasons why men don’t perform as expected in bed. Researchers compared the performance of omnivorous athletes, vegetarians, and semi-vegetarians. They found out that although the vegetarians’ athletes were comprised of sedentary people, they out-performed the omnivorous. This means that if you would like to have more energy to handle your woman, cut on the meat.

  • Lay Off the Alcohol

One or two drinks a day is very okay, but taking that six-pack full of beer can shut the party for you in the bedroom even before it gets started. According to research, sexual dysfunction was found to be more prevalent in men who were struggling with alcohol dependency. Among the top sexual problems caused by alcohol include low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Learn How to Control You Ejaculatory Muscles

Have you ever wondered what muscles it takes for you to ejaculate? Well, there is a very important muscle that helps one to ejaculate. When this muscle is relaxed, then it becomes quite impossible to ejaculate. This muscle is referred to as the PC muscle, and it’s responsible for releasing the semen during ejaculation. In order for you know learn how to control your orgasm, it is important that you learn how to control this muscle. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds for you to control them. You need to learn some specific exercise that touches the muscle. It might take you up to four weeks to start getting positive results with this method.

Bottom Line

There you have it; as it is evident in the article above, you need to take care of yourself and stay in shape for you to last longer in bed and control your orgasm.

Also, as you explore some of the remedies we have outlined above, you need to be patient with yourself. Frustration will stress you and further worsen the problem and prologue the time it takes for you to experience results.

If you make some honest, these remedies are sure to work for you. So you don’t always need to get frustrated every time you try and engage in sexual intercourse with your partner, take a step to positive transformation by following some of the remedies outlined above.