The Femmefunn Diamond Wand review

Tulips are a lovely flower.

They have a distinctive character about them and a quirky, bulging nature that seems to show just how pleased they are to have sprouted.

It always bodes well for me when a sex toy is shaped like a tulip in some way. It’s like they’re hoping that such pleasure will bloom in their users.

Plus the shape is equally well-suited for internal and external use.

Just sayin’

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand is a wand made for convenience. In many ways it seems to pitch himself as an introductory product, with its instruction manual stating that:

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand was built on 3 idea’s… Easy, Powerful and Convenient to use.

These are all very admirable causes and are supplemented well by the fact that there is no one recommended body part advertised in the Femmefunn Diamond Wand user manual.

This toy isn’t pitched as ‘strictly for the clit’ nor ‘for internal use.’

Instead, it has its 3 ideas and it tries its best to fulfil them.

Having said that, I wouldn’t personally use this toy for anal use, as its flared base isn’t really prominent enough to allow for safe insertion. Sure, you’ve got a reasonable amount of shaft to play around with before you get to the base, but I’m a better safe than sorry kind of gal.

How much length have we got? 6.75 inches with 6 inches that are sensibly useable. The overall width is about 1.3 inches with the shaft coming in at just under 0.9 inches. This is a nice small size which is very unconventional for a toy dubbed a ‘wand’ but, then again, this toy makes itself a rather odd type of wand.

Whereas most wands have a distinct handle, a globular head, and focus mainly on external use, the Femmefunn Diamond Wand has a useasble shaft, a tulip-like head, and a single button that allows you to use its 21 different features however you want.

Because its whole body is made of silicone it is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe for use. The silicone used is matte in nature and the surface feels decadent and tempting in the best kind of way.

Texture is a strong feature of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand and makes up part of its name. Diamonds decorate the entirely of this toys surface – from the tip of its tulip head right down to the base.

A single-button is a crucial part of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand, which would usually annoy me but Femmefunn have been smart about this. This toy starts with varying intensities then goes on the patterns. If you turn this toy off and on then it will remember your last setting. Press it once, however, and it will go back to the first intensity, rather than forcing you to cycle through.

Very agreeable.

The strength of the Femmefunn Diamond Wand is also quite impressive, though admittedly of the buzzy kind. Even on the first setting this wand packs enough of a punch to stand acceptably alongside mid-size wands in terms of strength and potency.  The buzzy vibrations are shrill in a way but are also deep and never numbing. They’re less like a fly or bee half-assing it and more like a mosquito on caffeine – unmistakeable, full of energy, and penetrating.

I have had quite a few strong orgasms with the Femmefunn Diamond Wand, though I wouldn’t say they have a duration that lasts too long after that point of climax. The climax itself is good. As mosquitos go, I wouldn’t want to swat this one away and as tulips go I’m much more inclined to pull it closer to me in order to get a better sense of its character.

I wouldn’t say that the diamond shapes do anything in terms of texture and sensation. They are so subtle that they’re much more decorative than anything else. I’m not complaining though, as the tulip head does more than enough to ignite the G-Spot during internal use (even if my preference with this toy is external).

What I also appreciate about this head is that, because it tapers off, it can actually be used for a bit more pin point precision. This is great, as wands conventionally come without this option (unless you add a sleeve) but Femmefunn have clearly thought about this usual omission and acted to counter it. They truly intended for this wand to be as diverse and useable as they possibly could muster.

With that in mind its also worth nothing that this toy is 100% waterproof, so can be used submerged and cleaned more easily. This is a definite bonus as those diamonds, although they don’t feel like much, do make this toy a little harder to clean.

This toy’s silicone also grabs up dust, hair, and fur (as my photos attest to).

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand is also rechargeable with a single charge lasting up to 30 minutes. There is a 12 month warranty on this toy which means that, should you encounter any issues, BMS will help you with a replacement.

In terms of other objective downsides, there are very few that I can convey and the rest comes down to personal preference.

If you dislike buzzy vibrations then this is a clear no-go. If you prefer gentle vibrations to strength then this wand might also be worth a miss.

The shaft of this vibrator is also incredibly bend and flexible, which might annoy users who like to push down hard on their toys and want a rigid, immovable response back. Pressure play is diminished because of this, but the flexibility will also aid others.

Ultimately the non-conventionality of this wand will leave you either loving or hating it.

Final Thoughts

The Femmefunn Diamond Wand represents a shift in what can be considered a wand and in just what a wand can do with the wand premise.

I personally like what the Femmefunn Diamond Wand has done with the notion, and when it comes to the 3 different focuses that Femmefunn had in mind they pretty much hit the ball out of the park.

This toy is convenient, it’s easy, and its strong. Not only that, but with its current discount at Peepshowtoys it’s a very affordable product too.

I can certainly recommend the Femmefunn Diamond Wand to anyone who like a buzz and fancies how this product looks.

This wand has a rather unique appeal but that doesn’t mean it won’t cater to a large user base.

Enjoy my lovelies!

Recommend to:

  • People who like quirky toys.
  • People who like flexible toys.
  • People who like power.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike non-conventional wands.
  • People who dislike buzzy vibrators.
  • People who dislike patterns.

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Racy Flexible G-Spot or Clitoral Vibrator review

What is ‘pillow talk’?

Is it that intimate discussion you have with a play partner post-sex session?

The moaning mumbles and exhalations that are semi-smothered by the side of a plush pillowy comfort?

Or perhaps the droning snore that you serenade your cushioned head rest with?

I’d like to think it’s more the former two rather than the later.

It’s true, though; we often end up having a dialogue with our pillows without even thinking about it, especially when sex toys come in to play.

I have spent many sessions in a very private engagement with myself, my bed, and a well-chosen sex toy. If my pillow could indeed talk it would be able to tell you a lot about my preferences (and perhaps complain a bit about me biting in to it at times, depending on its own personal kinks).

But how does this toy, named the Pillow Talk Racy, measure up when it comes to pillow utterances?

Would my stag-adorned pillow recount to visitors how well liked the Racy is, or would it be advising them against the Pillow Talk Racy as an option for them?

That’s where I get to do the talking.

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Racy Flexible G-Spot or Clitoral Vibrator

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Racy Flexible G-Spot or Clitoral Vibrator is a hand-sized vibrator which is encouraged for use with the G-Spot or Clitoris but which, really, could be used on the nipple, a shaft, or for external perineum massage too.

Due to not having a flared base I would never recommend it for anal use but the rest of its bases are pretty well covered.

Still, G-Spot pleasure seems to be the core focus of the Pillow Talk Racy, as it sports a distinct curve and bulging tip which is reminiscent of pretty much most effective G-Spotting vibrators and dildos. You can’t beat a winning model, after all, and if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

The thing that makes the Pillow Talk Racy stand out compared to many different G-Spot vibrators is that, although standard in shape, the Pillow Talk Racy is slim in size. We’re talking 5 inches in total length and with a diameter just under 0.9 inches at the maximum.

Consider the fact that most standard, entry-level vibrators aim for about a 1.25 or 1.5 inch diameter and you can get an idea of how petite the Pillow Talk Racy is in comparison.

This makes the Pillow Talk Racy a perfect option for those who want a slimmer vibrator, either due to personal preference, sexual dysfunction, or as an introduction to penetration.

The Pillow Talk Racy‘s length still allows it to hit the G-Spot and its very flexible shaft means that insertion and G-Spot pressure never feels too firm or harsh for users looking for a gentler approach to penetration and stimulation.

I can feel the Pillow Talk Racy on my G-Spot when using it and find it to be a nice toy for ‘touching base’ without getting that incredibly intense ‘need to pee’ sensation which is so often associated with G-Spot stimulation. This sensation has its place, for sure, but a lot of people find this uncomfortable and off-putting, so it’s nice to have a product which doesn’t fall in to this G-Spotting cliché.

I also find it really nice because it shows users that there is more than one way to feel your G-Spot being stimulated and suggests that you are not broken nor flawed if you don’t like or crave the ‘need to pee’ approach of other toys.

Not too shabby BMS Factory.

The Pillow Talk Racy is made from ABS plastic for the control section and silicone for the rest. This silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe.

This toy is USB rechargeable and comes with its own storage bag and warranty. It’s waterproof, which makes it easier to clean, and BMS Factory also provide a little scrub brush along with the toy, which is a darling little addition which is unnecessary for the Racy but appreciated nonetheless.

The Pillow Talk Racy works with a single button which cycles through different continual vibration intensities and, let me tell you, ‘intense’ is the right word here.

I remember when you had to break in to £50+ in order to get a slim and short vibrator with sensations worth the plastic it was made of. Now this toy retails at £36 and has powerbullet technology which makes it stronger than some of the older mid-sized vibrator options.

This toy is rumbly, strong, and deep. Granted, there’s still only so much that a 5 inch vibrator can do, but the Pillow Talk Racy managed to offer the maximum in terms of rumbing intensity and a profound sense of power.

When I climax with the Pillow Talk Racy, either internally or externally, I am definitely having a conversation with my pillow, and it is accentuated with strongly vocal exclamations of “Oh my God yes.”

I’m sure my blanket gets in on the conversation too, as my body tenses and my feet curl around each other with seizing satisfaction.

In short, this is a good toy.

‘Good’ but not perfect, as no toy is.

The Pillow Talk Racy‘s weaknesses are a lack of patterns, a single control button the bendable shaft (which not everyone will like) and its charge port.

The charge port, in particular, will off put some people, as it’s a teeny tiny prong which feels very awkward to prod and poke in to the diddy hole you need to insert it in to. I can imagine new toy users worrying that they will break it. I promise you that you won’t but this doesn’t stop it from feeling like you will and that is unavoidably awkward.

Final Thoughts

Outside of these finickity downsides, however, there really isn’t much I can fault the Pillow Talk Racy for and I am actually very excited and enthused by this toy.

If you’re looking for a slimline G-Spot toy, which also works well as a clitoral one, then the Pillow Talk Racy is a clear and affordable winner which I think would work effectively in most people’s collection.

If you’re in the process of using dilators and want a G-Spot option then this is great too.

Heck, even though I typically use larger insertibles, this toy is great for those days where I just don’t feel like filling up in any way but still want that sensation of penetration to some degree.

All told the Pillow Talk Racy is a great offering from BMS Factory with strong vibrations and a solid and accessible shape and I highly recommend it.

Recommend to:

  • People who like rumbly vibes.
  • People looking for a smaller vibe.
  • People who like flexible toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who prefer larger toys.
  • Pattern lovers.
  • People who likes rigid toys.

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator review

Generally when it comes to sex toys, especially G-Spot ones, you can expect a certain shape, size, and design that most companies will rely on in order to achieve user satisfaction.

This isn’t a bad thing: The adult industry have got the G-Spotting shape of toys down to pretty much an art by now and this means that more people get access to more toys which are more likely to leave then gasping with joy.

I’m all for that.

But the typical standard that exists among G-Spotting toys means that when I do see a G-Spot design that is slightly different from the norm I get excited.

What’s more, I hope that the toy is worthy of that excitement (and will deliver additional exhilaration in the bedroom).

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is one of these odd-duck designs that left me intrigued, but does the performance of this toy follow through on the intrigue of its design?

It’s review time.

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is a quirky slim vibe that aims for G-Spotting stimulation but can also be used for clitoral stimulation alongside other areas too. As you’d imagine, the lack of a flared base means that the only area that’s really off bounds is the booty and even then we’re talking internal use –  there’s no reason as to why this vibe couldn’t be used to pleasure the rim of a user if such stimulation catches your fancy in the moment, but that’s a bit of an aside.

G-Spotting is the main priority of this toy and its design does clearly reflect this…but in its own quirky way.

A long, smooth shaft stays mostly straight with the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator before bulging out near the upper section and then segmenting a little bulb at the tip which then has a very slight angle to it.

This gives the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator a really cute appearance. It sort of reminds me of the Fun Factory Patchy Paul, which looks like a worm/caterpillar and the fact that the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is pink really hits this home more.

The bulb of the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is nicely flexible and has a little bit of squish to it, though not too much. Think of it like a rubber bouncy ball in terms of squish and you’re in the right ball park (pun intended).

The entirety of the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is coated in a nicely smooth, dust-free matte silicone. This makes is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe which is important. You want your toys to be hypoallergenic and non-porous so that they don’t absorb any fluids during use and then just kind of…fester. Yeeah, this is why jelly, cyberskin, and similar materials should be avoided.

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator measures in quite slim. It’s 9 inches in total but the insertible section is about 6.5 inches. The maximum diameter is about 1.25 inches with the bulging shaft being the widest part of this toy.

Due to how subtle this bulge is, however, you rarely notice it during use, at least in terms of expansion. The focus is all on the head and, mmmmmm, this toy has the right angle to make me let out the same noise that a luxurious hot chocolate does (with vegan cream and marshmallows, of course).

I melt when I orgasm with the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator and with good reason. Not only does the shape of this toy hit the G-Spot with a nice balance of persistence and give (thanks to the angular head) but it also has two motors.

These two motors are rumbly and act just as two motors in a toy should. That being through creating a reverberation which complements and plays off of each other to create an undertone of sublime proportions These vibrations can provide 15 different patterns and by default they seem to pulse and they quiver seamlessly with their powerful impact.

The patterns play off of the fact that this toy has two different motors, which might satisfy those who appreciate patterns but, if I’m being honest with you, I’m not one of those people, so I’m neutral on this fact.

What I do appreciate, on the other hand, is that this toy comes with a storage bag, a 1 year warranty, is completely submersible, and is USB rechargeable.

This is where we get in to downsides, however, as a single 3-4 hour charge only lasts 30-40 minutes on full blast.

The is very pitiful, but I suppose it’s the price to pay for two motors blasting away as they happily do.

A bigger downside is probably the single button that is used for this product, and which won’t agree with everyone. I’m not the biggest fan of single-button toys so I always consider this to be a downside.

Personal preference-wise, the mostly straight shaft of this toy will irk some people, as might the flexibility of its bulbous head (which works well for the toy’s intention but poorly for some people’s favourite methods of play).

I am always appreciative when toys have their own unique design or style but It’s important to note that such a style change does mean that some people just won’t get along with the product.

If this applies to you then write off this toy rather than writing off yourself. Not every product is a winner, after all.

Final Thoughts

I’m a sucker for a strong and rumbly motor and, thankfully for the Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator, this vibe has two.

The admittedly straight shaft and weeble-wobbling head of this toy isn’t going to persuade every potential user, but I personally found it to be enjoyable externally and internally and so have very little to complain about in terms of satisfaction.

I’m not likely to go about shouting that this is the G-Spot vibrator that you need to have in your collection, but I do feel like it would be a positive addition to anyone’s sex toy collection, a good first purchase, and a nicely powerful product for those looking to try out a slightly different design.

The Sensuelle Aimii Flexible G-Spot Vibrator is a nice vibrator with a lot of potential and it’s one that I can recommend to interested users.

Recommend to:

  • People who like strong rumbly vibes.
  • People who like double motors.
  • People who like straighter shafts.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike slimmer vibes.
  • People who prefer curved toys.
  • People who dislike dual vibes.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand review

Can you believe I haven’t reviewed this yet!?

I bet that must sound pretty surreal.

Of course, there’s a reason. As one of the residents of dear old Britain I was rightly informed back in the day that the Original Hitachi Magic Wand had conversion issues with our plugs and converters. As a result, even if I were to purchase it I’d be getting a piss poor or potentially dangerous performance.


Thankfully, though, things have progressed a lot since the dark ages of the sex toy days. Converters are better, the Hitachi does come with a rechargeable version, and the older ‘original’ version is suddenly accessible to me too.

Hitachi also don’t like to be associated with it now that they know that people use their device to get their rocks off. I mean who would have thought something termed as a ‘massager’ was being used in lewd ways *shock of shock*

So, now that this wand-loving Peach has got her hand on the most iconic wand out there what is my verdict?

We’ve got a whole review to find out in.

About My First Blush

But before we flounce on over to reviewing the original powerhouse vibe let’s take some time to give kudos to the company that sent it my way, My First Blush.

My First Blush are an adult online retailer that prides themselves on exceptional customer service, providing high quality products and, most importantly, a sex positive and safe environment for people to explore within.

They have, as part of their policy, a 90 day return and maintain prices which are competitive with quite a few larger retailers.

Discretion is a given but when speaking with My First Blush I felt like this sense of customer care went beyond the ‘ticking the boxes’ standard of some retailers. My First Blush are quite passionate about their customers and their range and this shows.

My wand arrived swiftly and without issue, as did a handy-dandy little discount code just for you.

Use the code PEACHES20 before Valentine’s Day 2019 and you’ll get 20% off.

Now that’s a good deal.

Is it one to use on the Original Magic Wand, though?…

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand



…At least if you have a few specific tastes.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand is a toy so iconic in the adult industry that I almost feeling silly introducing it, but hey-ho here we go.

This product may look like a piece of early 80’s karaoke equipment but that head of its is likely to cause you to scream off key for altogether different reasons.

The Hitachi Original Magic Wand is the very definition of keeping a sex toy simple and satisfying. Its handle section is so large and well-defined that pretty much anyone could grab this product and get the jist of what they’re meant to do with it whereas its 7.5 inch girthy head gives you an extremely broad scope of sensation.

A simple switch system dictates the use and power of the Original Hitachi Magic Wand. One speed can be described as ‘Holy fucking shit rumble’ whereas the other is ‘Well I guess my toy just took a shot of crack’ to differing effects, but more on that later.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand is mains powered meaning you will have to think logistically when using this toy.

On the one hand you have absolutely no fear of this toy accidentally turning on if you’ve decided to be bold and take it on the go with you (well done – this toy is hefty). On the other hand you do need to think of if you’re going to logistically be able to plug this toy in to the mains and/or how restricted this might make you.

For example, I recently stayed in a hotel and the only plug sockets were by the desk which was the opposite side of the room from the bed entirely. This meant that, if I had taken the Hitachi with me I would have either had a chair or the floor as my playground. UK peeps like me (or those travelling continental) would then also have to consider converters, which adds to the inconvenience to some degree.

It is, on the other hand, entirely worth it.

Is it wrong to call a sex toy ‘batteringly good’? I feel like it might be but there’s really no other way to describe the Original Hitachi Magic Wand. I feel like this toy is trying to pound me with each application, going in with each point of contact like a battering ram hoping to smash through the cusp of a shatteringly impressive climax.

That’s my experience on the ‘less powerful’ setting, at least.

Ironically, the most powerful setting is just a little too smooth and hum-along for my liking. For sure, if I were chained in to place with it for a forced orgasm I’d be squirming and squealing within minutes but climax results and climax preference are two different things and I just don’t know if I appreciate the refined oomph that comes with the more powerful setting, which is fine by me when the ‘lower’ setting is still outstripping many toys that are only just being released as ‘strong’ on the market.

This toy is a classic for a reason, after all, and many individuals have found a new depth of gratification at the bulbous head of the Original Hitachi Magic Wand.

My only real gripes with this toy would be material and cleaning based.

Because this toy came before the surge of sexual safety that came in the early 2000’s, the Hitachi is sporting a TPE/Rish head, which is slightly porous and best covered during use and cleaned with an anti-bacterial spray. Add to this the fact that, as it’s mains powered, this toy is not waterproof nor submersible and you are left with a bit of kit that is slightly less hygienic then most of us would like nowadays and greatly more irritating to clean.

If this bothers you too much then you’ll be grateful to hear that the rechargeable version does have a silicone head but it is also considerably more expensive.

As it stands the Original Hitachi Magic Wand is affordable, effective, and renowned for just how good it is at brining power beyond some people’s imagination.

I mean, when people are folding towels and placing them in their genitals to create a buffering surface you know you’re on to a winner.

Final Thoughts

My orgasms with the Original Hitachi Magic Wand certainly lived up to my expectations, though this toy did feel a little bit antiquated and, because of this, I wouldn’t rate it as my absolute favourite wand.

Still, I can see why this toy gets a reputation for being toe- curlingly good and I cannot deny the amount I gasped while making myself familiar with this toy’s strong reputation.

‘Strong doesn’t always mean ‘effective’ though, so do keep this in mind if you know that power isn’t your main priority or if you feel like you want a slimmer or more portable vibrator. There are many other exceptional toys on My First Blush and you certainly have options.

For now I can happily add my approval to the large list of adult bloggers who vouch for this vibe and feel like your life would be just that little bit more thrilling with its purchase.

Recommend to:

  • People who like power.
  • People who like wants.
  • People on the fence about this purchase.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who aren’t fluid bonded but share toys.
  • People who dislike power.
  • People who dislike mains-powered products.

Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator review


That’s how I’d describe this toy.

Completely and utterly shrill.

When this toy is turned on it literally shrieks out a loud and high pitched hum that, on first activation, actually gave me more of a shock then the recent ‘horror movies’ that have graces the silver screens (jump scares are not horror. They’re brief shocks. Just sayin’)

It was also when I first heard the sounds that this toy made that I knew it was going to be an interesting review process testing this toy. One way or another, I knew this toy was going to leave an impression with me.

And I wasn’t wrong.

The Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator

The Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator is Jimmyjane’s offer in the sonic pulsating market that has previously belonged almost exclusively to Zumio (and with good reason).

These types of toys are all about condensing down everything to the tiniest tip possible. Sensation, pleasure, point of contact; it all gets refined down to a single tip primarily intended for clitoral stimulation and, oh boy, can these toys be intense.

Both the Zumio line and the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator have a similar premise, the two deviate in a few core ways. These are worth discussing because if you’re looking at this toy then you’re likely also eyeing up the Zumio range too (and one is currently more expensive than the other).

Whereas the Zumio is lean and long, the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator is short and stout.

Where the Zumio is all about letting its tip do the talking, the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator offers three different silicone attachments, which buffer the sound and sensation of this product and offer different play styles and sensations.

And where the Zumio feels great the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator feels…well…intrusive.

At least to me. But we’ll talk about that in a little bit.

Beforehand let’s go over specs.

The Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator has a silicone body, a rigid ABS plastic tip, and three silicone sleeves. All of these materials are non porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe, which is nice.

I was hoping this toy was waterproof (I mean, it does retail at £100 at full price, after all) but it’s actually ‘splash-proof’ which makes it washable and shower-friendly but not bath friendly.

Thankfully this does allow for an easier cleaning time with the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator, although it should be said that the inside of the sleeves is almost impossible to clean without a tiny scrubbing brush to help you get in to it. The type used for reuseable straws should suffice, but you can imagine that this adds inconvenience to the whole process.

The Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator is USB rechargeable and a 90 minute charge will give you 60 minutes of play time. This is adequate but quite irksome is the fact that this toy has a shut off mode. Yup – after 10 minutes of play time this toy will turn  itself off, like a parent who shuts the TV or gaming system down after a designated media time.

That is fucking bullshit from a sex toy.

I can understand it for overheating reasons (though there’s an argument that if your toy overheats after 10 minutes then you shouldn’t be selling it to consumers) but the idea of a power saving nanny feature is beyond irritating.

It’s definitely a minus when it comes to this toy.

On a positive note this toy does come with a storage bag, which is specifically designed for holding a sex toy in terms of bacterial regulation, so that’s nice.

What’s not nice, on the other hand, are the vibrations from this toy.

I’m not going to bullshit you on this – when I applied the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator to my body I reached a clenching, climax-mimicking sensation in my body almost instantly. But note that I say ‘mimicking’ rather than considering it an actual climax.

Yes, my vaginal wall’s clenched and my clit pulsed in a “Oh, okay. I guess this is happening” kind of way but my body felt shocked, my mind completely dissatisfied and my clit actually hurt from the sensations of the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator. This toy’s vibrations are…well…shriekingly painful, intense, and localized, to the point where your body may respond but you may not even like it during…at least I didn’t.

There really is no backing off with this toy, not even on the lowest setting. You either have to apply the tip or not. Those are your options, and the tip is so small that you’re pretty much locked in to them.

The sleeves help buffer the sensations, for sure, but that also kind of takes away from the point of this type of toy: A pinpoint sonic vibrator is meant to effectively concentrate the sensations of pleasure and climax in a concentrated tip. If they can’t do so without pain or a silicone sleeve to mediate the sensation then they’ve failed as a product.

That said, I’ll humour this toy’s sleeves and give you my two cents on them:

The scooper: Better for being able to play directly on the clit without as much pain but feels like it doesn’t allow for a good fit for all bodies.

The brush: Owch but now with bristles too.

The tulip tip: A similar ouch from before but buffered a bit while still offering a pin-point option. Probably the best of the bunch.

These sleeves are at least easy to apply and remove, so I’m happy that I can report that for you, but when they exist to distract from, rather than complement, the toy’s default sensations then I can’t say I’m impressed.

For those who are curious as to the options this toy has in terms of sensations, there are 4 different intensity levels which range from 120-260 kHz, so enough of a variation for those who like continual vibration, but pattern-lovers would probably find themselves a bit irked by a lack of variation. Such is the nature with these toys however.

The bulbous shape of the handle for this toy is either a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. For me I found it to be a bit awkward to hold in my smaller hands, but I likely the fact that it offered a good area to grip and position this toy with. Those with larger hands would likely appreciate it so I really do think it’s one of the better aspects of this toy.

Mind you…what does that say about the toy overall, really?

Final Thoughts

The shrill, painful, and weirdly faux-climax causing sensations of this vibrator were nothing but a misery masturbation for me and I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this toy to anyone.

Its loud and annoying screams of recognition may be hard to ignore but they certainly fall on deaf ears in terms of attaining praise because I’m afraid I have little positive to say about this vibe.

What I can take from this review (and what I hope helps you) is that the Zumio has perfected its art and is the better purchase by far.

Save yourself the irritation and opt for this option yourself.

You’re worth it.

Recommend to:

  • People who like intense sensations.
  • People who like pin point sensations.
  • People who like options.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike shrill sensations or sounds.
  • People who dislike abrasive stimulation.
  • People who dislike Jimmyjane.

Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator review

I’m a very sensual person, and I don’t just mean in terms of sex.

Tactile appeal is important to me in a variety of different ways.

When I was younger (and through to my early twenties) I used to bite my nails. As a teen I would bite pens right down to their nib. And now, as an adult, I still use Rubiks cubes, therapy putty, and squishy kitty toys in times of high anxiety to help give my hands something to do.

I like texture and squishy things are pretty much the best out there in terms of soothing and appeasing my nervous mind and body.

A sex toy with a squishy tip, therefore, sounded like the pinnacle of pleasure to me.

But, as an internet meme once said, “Be careful what you dream for.”

The Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator 

The Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator is a delicate vibrator in almost every sense of the word.

Its dainty design is one of the most sweet and notably plush that I have seen in a while, and I have recently seen vibrators with cutesie anime ice creams on them.

What makes the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator stand out as such a dainty offering is the subtleties and elegance of its design. The golden yellow picked for its plastic control casing and battery cap is perfectly matched with the extremely light pink that is used for its squishy silicone form.

Firm ABS plastic can be felt throughout the shaft of the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator but as ou move up its shaft you can feel the bullet-like plastic shape underneath the silicone fade away in to a pretty much fully squishable bulbous head.

Alongside the entirety of this toys body are three gentle indentations which line the toy as if prompting a more streamlined sense of performance even though, in reality, they do very little. The ones on the firmer shaft aren’t pronounced nor firm enough to really be felt and the ones on the bulb are hindered by the squish to the point where they’re not exactly a dance in to the realms of texture, not by any means.

Still, both the ABS plastic and the silicone used are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe, which is exactly what you’d want from a product. The silicone used is wonderfully smooth and, again, very much fits in to the ‘delicate’ category. I can stroke this toy for ages, smooshing its head and happily running it across my body. It’s almost therapeutic.

This toy sports three different vibration intensities and then a pulsing mode, for people who like to dabble with patterns. A single button controls and filters through these patterns alongside turning the toy one and off. This button has a cherry blossom logo on it, further adding to all of the little details that make this toy a refined offering.

It is sadly not a rechargeable toy but, instead, opts for batteries, with 2 x AAA batteries lasting about 4 hours. This isn’t great in my opinion or, at least, not considering the strength of the vibrations.

When compared to many battery-powered toys now, which have really started to bring in a good punch, the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator starts so gently that your mobile phone will likely give its vibrations a run for their money (though, admittedly, they wouldn’t hold a candle to its rumble).

The second vibration setting has more potency, similar to a phone, and the third is notably penetrating, but only if you hold the shaft  to your body. As for the squishy tip (ie. the main selling point of this toy) it remains incredibly gentle and never really manages to transfer the vibrations well.

This left me very frustrated with this toy as I could feel there was more strength in it but could never quite attain the right angle or positioning to access the maximum potency that it had to offer, all the while knowing that potency wasn’t too much to start with.

For a power queen like me this is an issue, and is the biggest downside with this toy. I could not climax with this toy. Not a single orgasm. I won’t lie to you and say that I did. It just didn’t happen.

For someone who really does love the subtle approach and having a really intimate, gentle, and purring exchange with their vibrator then you really can’t fault the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator. It does just that and the only issue is that what it’s offering isn’t something that my body has ever been interested in. For others, it might be the dream.

My only other real issue with the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator was that its indented cherry blossom on the button and an ‘Iroha’ logo makes this toy slightly harder to clean but considering this toy is waterproof that’s pretty much water off a duck’s back.

The toy itself also manages to be lint-free and, with measurements of 1.37 inches in diameter, 5.82 inches in total length, and 4.5 inches in insertible length it’s easy for people to play around with penetration using the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator, though I personally found its design to be better suited for external attempts of play.

Iroha suggests that the tip makes insettion easy but do be careful of the fact that it weeble wobbles a bit when inserting. This doesn’t hinder use but it is something to consider and, again, is a personal preference in many regards.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Iroha RIN KOGANÉ Silicone Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator is a lovely little vibrator but its gentle form is followed by gentle vibrations and pretty much secures this toy’s position as one for those who like things to be timid and tame.

This isn’t a bad thing in the right conditions. It definitely prompts users to take a more subtle approach to their body and play and helps create a real sense of self-empowerment through subtlety, but it does nothing for people like me who are loud and product with their vibrations and play style.

If you’ve read through this review you likely know if this toy is for you or not. It wouldn’t be one I’d recommend to a person such as myself but I really can’t fault it in terms of catering to the audience it’s intended for and thing it will make the right user feel like they’ve finally discovered a kindred device.

Recommend to:

  • People who like softer vibrations.
  • People who like diffused vibrations.
  • People who like squishy toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who like strong vibrators.
  • People who like direct vibrations.
  • People who like firm toys.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand review

I never knew just how much I wanted a weebly-wobbly wand until suddenly the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand arrived at my door.

Placing it in my hand, I was shocked when I lifted it up to find its arrow-like wand head flop affectionately to one side, as its weight naturally displayed the true flexibility of this flailing new offering from Ann Summers.

From that moment on I was just a little bit more smitten with this product.

I’ve reminisced about this before but it bares repeating; When I was younger my iconic ‘I want it’ sex toy was the dildo that was flung about in American Pie 2. Not because I have a fetish for harmful toys, but because the amount that it wiggled and jiggled caught my eye so much that ever since I’ve been seeking a toy with equal gusto.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect that toy to be a wand, but here we are.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand retails at £95 and is part of Ann Summers’ new ‘Flex’ range.

This wand was made to be ‘flexible and fun’ and to navigate difficult parts of the body via its much more malleable form.

When I read this description prior to receiving the product I assumed this meant that the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand would have a internal bending point which you could then adjust and leave to stay in place during use, but no. This toy is a floppy, wobbly joy of a toy to hold in the hand and happily jiggle about. It’s also like the wand equivalent of jelly it’s so fun to play with, and I have swirled it around over head like an erotic helicopter.

It’s potential to lift me to new orgasmic heights? I didn’t know at the time, but nor did I care in that moment.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is covered in a gorgeously smooth matte silicone and has a sleek and tapered design.

Both the wand head and its insertible handle-shaft hybrid and made to be slim at the tip before expanding out to meet its user’s expanding possibilities. I was dubious about this at first (wand heads are usually bulbous) but the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s wand head actually fit very comfortably against my labia and happily beckoned my clit when put in the right position.

In theory I assume that you could bend the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s internal shaft and insert it while also using the wand tip on your clit. God knows, it has two motors which can activate either unilaterally or simultaneously to facilitate such explorations, but I personally found trying to do so to be a cumbersome endeavour.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is flexible but it still measures in at 9 inches total, with its insetible length being about 3 inches and a max dimeter of 1.3 inches, so not really the type of length or shape that I would like to try and fold in to my own personal anatomy.

What I do appreciate about the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand’s insertible section, however, is the fact that it is slightly slimmer and more accommodating then some introductory wands or insertibles, such as this one, meaning that even those new to sex toys can safely and happily approach this wand.

Some wands are huge and some people don’t want that, the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand offers a much smoother, slimmer, and more sophisticated alternative.

As mentioned before, the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand has two motors and these are controlled via the 3 different buttons on its front panel. From this you can explore 10 different vibration functions – continual and pattern-based – meaning there is a nice amount of variation for those who do like to dabble with patterns.

I found this panel easy to use and that’s quite impressive, given that this toy does have two different motors to contend with. I never really felt frustrated when using or switching between settings and was left to happily play with the different intensities.

Speaking of those intensities, the only real thing that lets the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand down for me personally is its vibrations. They start with depth but they also start smooth and buzzy and I am not a smooth and buzzy type of gal. I can’t really say that this ever improves as your ramp up the power. The depth is always present and it reverberates more with each intensity incrementation but it’s still more of a reassuring hum rather than a full-on rumble.

Because of this I can orgasm with the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand but I find those orgasms to be just okay…passable…nothing special…and then I feel let down because I adore just how much you can bend and swish this toy around in the hand only to find that it flops in the wrong way when applied to the clit or in the vagina.

Not everyone will have this experience, and if you like smoother strength from your toy then the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand definitely delivers, but I was hoping for the sex toy equivalent of a punchy Indian takeaway and had a Mac and Cheese turn up instead. Mac and Cheese is nice. Loads of people love Mac and Cheese, but it’s hardly going to leave me with a chest-bracing, toe-curling sensation afterwards.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is fully rechargeable via USB and is waterproof, it comes with a guarantee and I’m happy to say that both the shaft and the head are firm where they need to be and floppy mainly in the centre of the handle.

Still, I know that flexibility is not everyone’s cup of tea either and those who like to force their toy firmer in to their body will find themselves frustrated as the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand intuitively shies away.

This might just be a divisive toy.

Once of the clearer objective downsides of this product is the fact that it is a dust and fur magnet. I own a very fluffy cat and the Flex had absolutely no chance. Cleaning this toy thoroughly will be a must.

If using this toy as a folded dual stimulator it’s also important to note control placement so that you don’t accidentally fold them on to your clit and away from your hands. This isn’t a con but it is something to consider for effective play.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand?

Yes, but probably not at its full retail price.

The Ann Summers Flex Rechargeable Wand is an interesting toy with a design that brings out my full whimsy and leaves a smile on my face, but a smile and an O-face are too very different things and I kind of want my sex toys to prioritise the O-face more.

If you’re more keen on a smooth ride then you might still appreciate this toy and gain a lot out of it at RRP but I do think it would pay to visit Ann Summers and trial it on your hand before buying.

I love the premise and design of this toy, I just wish it had some more rumble to bring to the table for its price tag.

Recommend to:

  • People who like smooth vibrations.
  • People who want a flexible vibrator.
  • People who like smaller wands.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who like rumbly vibrations.
  • People who dislike floppy toys.
  • People who don’t think the price tag is right.

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator review

There will never be a day when I tire of the PalmPower range.

Honestly, it’s true.

These toys never fail to impress me.

Not because they’re always ‘changing the industry’ nor providing ‘new and exciting innovations.’

Quite the opposite.

It’s because they’re so reliably, unendingly consistent.

Consistent in their quality, product design, and strength.

And y’all know I’m all about strength.

I’ll be frank with you right from the start here – if you have a PalmPower wand already then you’re likely not going to need this product.

You’re set; absolutely covered for life when it comes to mini wand delights.

If, however, you have never had a PalmPower toy before then this is the one I think you should go for.

And, yes, I do rank this toy as one that I can highly recommend.

Let’s look at why.

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is the very definition of an ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ kind of product.

PalmPower mastered their wand formula a few years back and, ever since, they’ve been going strong with it. The major differences they’ve introduced is that one is mains powered only, one is recharge primarily, and this one is what I would call a ‘portable cord powered device.’

That sounds swanky but it’s mainly my made-up way of saying that this toy is corded but it designed to be corded on the go.

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator will always need some form of power source. A toy this potent required juice 24/7 (or, at least, for as long as you’re using it.

If, however, you’re an on-the-go kind of person then PalmPower have done yourself (and all of us) the great courtesy of adding in a little extra with this product. Namely, a portable charger which is device compatible.

This means that even when you’re away from a plug to charge this toy’s USB in to you can simply whack it in to its snazzy hot pink charger and still enjoy everything this product has to offer – and what it has to offer is quite a lot in terms of power.

PalmPower themselves describe it as ‘Plug n Play,’ which is probably a better description than mine, but I digress.

What has always impressed me about the PalmPower wands is that they are so exquisitely tiny and yet still manage to deliver exceptional orgasmic potential.

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator comes in at 7.3 inches in total length, with a nicely rounded 1.6 inch diameter head, and a shaft that slenders out to a very slim physique.

The head is made from silicone. It’s silky smooth, matte to the touch and doesn’t grab any of my very fluffy cat’s very sheddable hair (a clear plus to my mind). The head can be removed for washing which is good considering, as you might have guessed, this toy is not waterproof nor submersible.

The rest of the toy is made from a reliable ABS plastic which is also matte and also very nice to the touch. This makes the entire toy non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. If you’ve ever found yourself lamenting over a rash caused by a skanky jelly, rubber, or ‘real skin’ product then it’s time to switch to toys made out of material like this for your own safety and wellbeing.

The BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is controlled with a single button, which is used to turn the toy on and off with a press or can ramp up the intensity by pressing and holding it. This does take a little bit of getting used to first time round and you might find yourself accidentally turning this toy off more than once (I sometimes still do). Stick with it, learn how the toy works, you won’t regret it.

This toy’s slimmer design means that it is much more compatible with couples play. Its slim little head snuggles happily wherever you choose to apply it and is an utter treat when nuzzled in between my own labia. It’s also compatible with external perineal massages and can be applied to pretty much any external area you want though, personally, I’ve always gone straight for gold with this toy.

The sheer potency of the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is what makes it so exceptional for a toy of this size. Powered by BMS Factory’s patented PowerBullet technology, the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator doesn’t miss a trick in delivering as much oomph as you could realistically want from it.

Despite this, it’s not afraid to start out slow, and the gentler intensities happily shudder and rumble their way against the body as if priming you with an alluring purr.

Rumble really is the name of the game with the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator and although this toy never quite judders like a jackhammer it still manages to be the perfect end of rumbly to hit all of the sweet spots.

This toy on full intensity is an amazing offering of everything right with powerful wands.

The intensity, depth, and sheer strength of the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is enough to leave me gasping with thoughtless indulgence every time I use it. Orgasms with this toy are strong and can be seemingly endless if you keep the toy applied. I have, at times, kept an orgasm prolonged with this toy for lengths that even I consider a bit gratuitous and I review sex toys for a living.

Because the head is removeable you can also take it off and switch in one of PalmPower’s other head attachments to vary out your play. These don’t come with the toy but are, instead, a nice added extra that you can get for this Plug n Play device.

This also means that, should you choose, a single BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator with a few good attachments could potentially meet all of your base sexual needs when travelling. Better yet, because it needs a power source to activate you never have to worry about accidentally pushing the button and having this little wand rumble up a storm in the middle of a coach journey or air flight.

It’s the little things that really make a difference.

And little things are the only real downsides I can put against the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator.

The first little thing being that it has no patterns – a downside for some – and the other being that its detachable head does have a somewhat pronounced edge which might feel uncomfortable for some, depending on how you position it.

Those who really love using toys in baths or showers might also feel slighted by this toy, and those who hate cords will obviously find this toy’s cord to be obnoxious (especially as it offers a fair bit of length).

None of these detract from the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator for me, however, and I swoon whenever I see it on my bedside drawer.

It’s beckoned me to many an early night or, on occasions, a mid-day break from the daily grind.

Not a bad thing to procrastinate with, I think you’ll agree.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am left forever smitten with the PalmPower range and feel like the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand VibratorBMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator is a nice addition to what we already have.

The price range for it is fair, given its power and functionality, and the ability to purchase add ons feels less like an annoying game-based DLC type thing and more like an invitation to explore should you wish.

This is a toy I think any wand lover out there should own and I know my sex life is happier for having the BMS Factory PalmPower Plug & Play Massager Corded Rechargeable Wand Vibrator in it.

Recommend to:

  • Power queens.
  • Mid-sized wand lovers.
  • Portable toy addicts.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who dislike the head.
  • People who dislike single button controls.
  • People who dislike rumbly vibrations.

Emojibator The SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator review

It’s time to talk about the cheekiest looking sex toy I own.

Despite my many years as reviewer nothing quite prepared me for the cheeky grin that met me when I unveiled the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator.

This toys smile is so wide and deliberately grinning that it’s almost ballsy. It’s as if this toy is openly confident that it is going to deliver pleasure to whatever recipient it encounters and, I’ll be honest, it’s really hard not to anthropomorphize this toy as a result. It just beckons a certain degree of character and flare.

But the bravado of a sex toy doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to perform well, so how does the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator manage to hold up against its confident demeanour?

Let’s find out together.

Emojibator The SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator

The Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator has some reason to be confident, at least in terms of design and innovation.

I can confidently say that there is not other toy on the market shaped just like it. Sure, there are shark-based sex toys, but a sex toy made to look like the toothiest shark known to one’s genitalia is pretty much unprecedented and, for that, I have to commend Emojibator for its continued playful attempt to the products we choose to get our rocks off with.

Another interesting approach that the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator takes to pleasure is, as its name suggests, an additional inflating feature to complement its vibrations, which isn’t all that common on the sex toy market.

To put it simply when it comes to stimulation the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator feels more like a whale vibrator trapped in a shark vibrator’s body. As play goes on its body swells up before all of a sudden it forcefully seizes down its external silicone layer, as if puffing out air from a blowhole like a mighty humpback whale.

Can’t really fault a toy taking inspiration from an animal that has ‘hump’ in its name. At least in theory.

Before we get further in to how this toy performs, however, let’s go over a few specifications.

The Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator is a reasonably sized dual stimulator, though its bulky shark body does make it seem heftier than it actually is.

Its total length is 8.25 inches but the insertible section is about 4.5 inches. At its slimmest it comes in with a diameter of about 1.25 inches, allowing for a nice taper in to its size. Ride this apex predator out to its maximum, swelling girth, however, and you’ll get to a diameter of roughly 2 inches total.

This is on the larger end of what people take before suddenly transitioning to beginners ‘Size Queen’ territory, but the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator starts of at a slime enough shaft so as to be accessible to most individuals.

This toy is USB rechargeable and is waterproof for shower play but not fully submersible. Kind of ironic, considering we’re talking about a shark here, but that’s neither here nor there.

The silicone coating this toy is semi-matte. Not at all glossy but hardly ‘pamper me’ smooth. It sort of fits in with the sleek and almost cartoonish aesthetic of this toy in how it feels which is a really nice aspect of the toy. It also means that this toy is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. Gotta love the fact that safe toys are much more of an industry standard nowadays.

There are 8 different vibration settings to this toy and 3 different inflatable modes all controlled through the buttons on the dorsal section of the shark. The controls at first…they’re a bit finnicky to get used to but once you know what you’re doing it’s easy to get your sharky on board with how you want it to perform.

The inflatable pulses of this toy are absolutely surreal. I meant it when I said they remind me of a whale or dolphin shooting out its aqua load. During use it feels like something is literally breathing in my vagina and I’m not too sure how to reconcile that. On the one hand it does sort of mimic the pulsating sensations one might get when a firm shaft is inserted and a human breathes deeply in and out, squirming as they go, but the reliable rhythm of it all and the extent of the swelling and expelling of air is incredibly surreal.

As it stands my body sees it as more of a distraction than anything else – an enjoyable one but one that I do ultimately turn off mid use.

I’m the type of gal who relies heavily on fantasy and exploring what’s going on with my head and body when fucking and having an inflating and deflating shark in my cunt isn’t necessarily the best way to achieve a total mind/body connection.

God I love that my job lets me write lines like that.

Vibration-wise the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator is a mid-strength toy. It has a reasonable depth to it and it’s certainly not buzzy but neither is it it strong nor defined enough in its own style to be considered rumbly. It’s a pleasant and fun offering but not one that will blow your socks off.

I can orgasm with this toy but it would never be my go-to for achieving orgasm. I’d much rather pull it out, be like “Oh my gahrdh, look’it this shark vibe!” and then pop it away and reach for something that is more conducive to my personal preferences when having a play session.

As with many rabbit-style toys the clitoral prong of this toy is also weaker than its internal shaft, which is a bummer but I’ve come to pretty much expect this nowadays.

This toy would really suit someone who likes those mid-level vibes, loves novelty, and wants to explore inflating toes, but isn’t looking for a master of any one field…except maybe novelty. I still adore how this toy looks.

The look of this toy, however, comes with its only real objective downside.

This shark has a large and heavy base which will be hard for some people to hold and to really get a good leverage on, especially if mobility or motor skills come in to play.

The size of this toy means it’s also not really made for couples sessions, unless one holds the shark and the other enjoys the shark…Again, I’m left to marvel at the sentences that my job allows me to produce.

Outside of this, however, there really aren’t many gripes that I can bring to the table with this quirky offering. The Emojibator The SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator knows exactly what it is and every element of it that is intended to function performs really well at its job.

You could say that this toy is jawsome at meeting its criteria.

I’ll see myself out.

Final Thoughts

While I love the aesthetic and approach of this toy I can’t say that I’m really enamoured with it, nor that I found any pleasure in it that I couldn’t get from another toy and with greater effect.

Visuals matter, of course they do, but visuals alone won’t have me splashing about happily in a deep sea of orgasmic bliss, and the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator misses the mark in having me plunge in to deep waters.

I can recommend the Emojibator SHARK Waterproof Silicone Dual Stimulation Inflating Vibrator but only under the specifications outlined in my review; mid-level, experimental individuals.

As it stands I’d probably be underwhelmed if I got this at retail price and would likely only keep it for the sheer appreciation of the cute grin that it offers up each time I see it.

Sorry sharkey buddy, you flopped instead of flipping.

Recommend to:

  • People who like rabbit vibes.
  • People who like mid strength vibrations.
  • People wanting to experiment with inflation.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • Power/rumble lovers.
  • People who dislike bottom-heavy toys.
  • People who dislike the design.

Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator review

I’ll admit that the clit is the primary sex organ that rules my self lovin’ style.

Even with insertibles toys I’ll usually give them a clit test before anything else.

Usually I’m also too lazy to shove anything inside of myself (outside of testing, of course) and end up just grabbing for a toy and having a clit-on-the-go experience.

It’s not that I don’t love a throbbing, texture-laden hulk of silicone massaging my insides. It’s just that I know I can have gratifying climaxes with my clit alone and so I tend to stick to my old faithful way of having an orgasm when it comes to it.

In doing this I almost did the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator a grave disservice. Almost.

Thankfully, I am a professional and so all avenues are explored when it comes to the toys that come my way.

This is what saved the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator in my eyes because, when it comes to my clit this toy becomes a Little Britain sketch and just keeps on saying “No,” but when meeting with my insides it has me singing like a Valhallan opera maiden.

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is a product provided by the (almost) ever-reliable Blush.

There have been very few toys that I have had from Blush which haven’t delivered 100% in some regard. Typically the flops are their tiniest vibes. But, hey, you can’t ask for perfection, not even from an exceptional brand such as Blush.

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is no exception to the rule of excellence that comes from Blush.

This toy is designed aa a comfortable G-spotting vibrator which is aimed at optimising user experience while still not being so harsh, rigid, nor balls-to-the-wall crazy that it’s only accessible by a brave few.

In order to do this Blush have made a few very good moves.

The first of these moves is to do with measurements.

Coming in at 7 inches of total length, 5 inches of insertible length and with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator hits that sweet spot of the ‘everyman’ measurements that tend to meet average user needs. Go much chunkier than 1.5 inches in diameter and things become a bit more of a warm up act. Go to 1.9-2 inches and you’re getting in to entry level Size Queen turf which, yes, feels ah-MA-zing on the G-spot but is definitely something to work up to rather than something to start off with.

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator also has a fair amount of flexibility in its neck, specifically around the mid point. Not so much as to make pressing and wiggling it against the G-spot a battle but enough that you never feel like you’re fighting an infirm invader in your innards when using it.

Luscious, smooth silicone lines the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator and makes a surface-level texture that isn’t necessarily matte but fails to be glossy either. It’s just perfect to stroke against the skin and responds incredibly well to lubricant.

You can put a small smattering of water based lube on this puppy and still have it slide nicely in to place with just the right amount of drag to make you feel like you’re riding a substantial piece of kit.

At £46 it’s certainly not unsubstantial in terms of pricing but neither does it break the bank either. I’ve had cinema trips and jackets that have cost less than this vibrator and have been a much more fleeting presence in my life (and, depending on the movie, much shitter). Add to the fact that Blush covers their toys under a warranty and you’ve got a piece of affordable kit that will serve you well for quite a while.

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator has many of the other benefits that you would expect from a quality sex toy in this day and age. It is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and comes in a cardboard box which looks aesthetically presentable for gift giving.

7 different vibration functions are at play with the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator, a fair few of which are different degrees of intensity (3) and the rest of which are patterns (5). Two buttons control this toy – one to turn it on and off (and reset the settings to the baseline low intensity) and one to cycle through the patterns.

I am not, by nature, a pattern lover but I’ll admit that I had a few moments of fuzzy bliss enjoying some of the pulsating and progressive patterns that this toy comes with. I would never use them to ride my way to a finishing climax but I did like having them on for the first timid awakenings of my vagina while I purred my clit in to happy submission with a PalmPower.

And that’s how I recommend using this toy – internally as intended – because externally it did nothing for me.

The first intensity setting has a nice rumble and is semi-deep with a decent amount of strength. Take it up one more notch, however, and suddenly this toy goes more humming/buzzy, much more intense and I just had to pull it away from my clit in shock. The transition feels very sudden externally, even more so when going up to the final intensity which is smooth, buzzing, and deep (not always the best of combos).

Apply it internally, however, and the vibrations come in to their own. Their intensity and type is the kind of vibration that is best partnered with an internal chamber, ready to hug, clench, and snuggle out the finer details of its smoother depth and really savour its strength. The buzz fades in to rapid resonance internally and more than once I have been brought to rapid, long-lasting orgasms as I gasped at the sheer contrast that came from using this toy as it was designed.

Shock of shock – sometimes recommended use really is the best way to use a toy, despite what my clit will often greedily try to tell me.

The bulging and curvaceous angling of this toy’s shaft is just perfect for nuzzling in to place on the G-spot. Its narrow mid-point makes it feel like your vagina envelops this toy as it goes in and puts it firmly in to place for optimal stimulation.

If you’re unsure whether G-spot stimulation is for you or have yet to find your G-spot then this toy is a nice way to experiment with seeing where internal climaxes can get you. Pair it with a good clit vibe and I tend to find that it will naturally facilitate the rest.

Downsides to this toy are hard to come up with objectively, although the vibration type will certainly put some people off. Smooth and consistent strength isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and even I prefer a good rumble as a default.

The fact that it doesn’t really double well as a clitoral vibe can also be seen as a bit of a shame.

As I said before – I use so many of my other ‘internal’ toys for external pleasure and most of them serve me very well in this regard, but the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator just doesn’t have this capacity. It’s a ‘stick to what is recommended’ type of vibe.

I really can’t fault this toy too hard on not doing something it wasn’t designed to do, however, especially when it is really good at what it’s meant to do, so take this as more of a personal gripe rather than something this toy has failed to deliver.

I guess my clit will just have to pout over this one.

Final Thoughts

Overall I find myself impressed by just how effective the Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is at its intended purpose, if not a bit disheartened that I can’t optimize it for other forms of play.

The Blush Aria Magnify Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is a toy that is true to itself and would make a really good entry-level G-spotting vibrator for those who are curious about G-spot play, those who already love it, or those who are thoroughly uncertain about it.

I can certainly recommend it and think it would be a good option for lovers of insertible vibrators. Just don’t expect it to work wonders outside of its remit. Every toy has its strengths and weaknesses.

Recommend to:

  • G-spot curious individuals.
  • Lovers of strong internal toys.
  • Lovers of smooth vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People looking for a diverse toy.
  • People who like stiff shafts.
  • People who dislike buzzy vibrations.