Flaccid Penis Size

You might have thought that women are only impressed by a man who has big manhood when it is erected.

Yes, they are impressed with a huge penis, but that is not the only thing that makes them happy.

Have you ever taken a shower with your woman and she gave you an awkward smile when she saw the size of your penis in its flaccid state?

A majority of men can relate to such a situation. Some have had their women call their penis ‘limp noddle’ or ‘little man.’ Not only can this deflate a man’s self-confidence but it can also make him want to grow his penis both in an erect and flaccid state. This article is going to walk you through on all you would like to know about the flaccid penis and how to increase it in size.

What is Flaccid Penis?

A flaccid penis is defined as a penis that appears soft and hanging loosely. A penis assumes this state after ejaculation or when it is not sexually aroused. This means that there isn’t any blood flowing into the penis that causes it to erect. In most cases, men like discussing the size of their penis when it is in an erect position but very few would like to disclose its size when flaccid.

How important is a flaccid penis?

As much as numerous research say that the size of a penis in its flaccid state is not as important, the truth is that it matters. A woman gets more attracted to a man when she sees his bulging flaccid penis. It shows her what to expect when the penis is erect. A large flaccid penis also helps a man to earn respect from other men.

What’s the Average Size of a Flaccid Penis?

The size of the penis is always a common source of anxiety among a majority of men. This is because of the unrealistic expectations of what is perceived to be normal by the media and some pornography videos. A surprising percentage of men worry about if their penis is big enough. This concern goes to both when the penis is flaccid and when it’s erect.

According to studies the average size of a penis when it is flaccid state or when hanging loosely is 3.0 to 4.25 inches. The average length of a stretched flaccid penis is 4.5 to 6 inches. The circumference of a flaccid penis on average is 3.3 to 4 inches.

Factors that Can Cause My Manhood to become Small When Flaccid temporarily

You might be wondering why sometimes your penis gets smaller than other times. Some few factors might affect the length of your flaccid penis. Here is a look at some of them:

  • Temperature

When the temperature changes and it gets really cold, you will notice that your penis is likely to shrink.  This is primarily because the blood vessels present in your manhood tends to shut down in the response of cold.

Moreover, cold weather will make the testicles shrinks as well. The flow of blood in and out of the penis plays an integral role in determining the size of the penis. Warm temperature will make more blood to flow into the penile area, and thus the penis will resume its size or become bigger.

  • Excessive Workout

Engaging yourself in too much workout can also make your penis to become small when flaccid. So, if you notice that your manhood has become smaller than normal, your workout routine may be the main reason behind it.

  • Emotional State

Your current emotional state can also determine the size of your flaccid manhood. For example, when you see a pretty lady across the street, the reaction of your emotions can cause the penis to either become bigger or smaller. This depends on the amount of blood taken to or from the penis.

Factors that Can Cause Your Manhood to lose its Size and Shrink

Some men can lose the size of their penis and become smaller due to a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Aging

No one wants to hear the fact that they are aging, everybody would love to remain youthful forever. What’s more upsetting about aging is that as you age, your penis is likely to become smaller. It’s not just your penis that will become small in size; your testicles will also become smaller. The major reason for this is a buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries that prevent blood from flowing freely into the penile region. This can result in degeneration of the cells present on the penis.

  • Smoking

Smoking comes with tonnes of negative effects ranging from lung cancer to heart disease. But this now might be one more reason you need to call it quits to the bad behavior. Smoking causes your penis to become smaller. According to Medical News Today, there are some toxins in a cigarette that can potentially damage the blood vessels in your penis. Unfortunately, this does not only mean that your cells on the penis will fade away, but it also means you will struggle with getting an erection. According to research, the manhood of men who smoke is naturally small in the flaccid state compared to non-smokers.

  • Medication

Almost all type of medications come with some sort of unwanted side effects. Some medication meant to treat prostate disorders can cause your penis to become smaller. According to a certain study conducted in 2012, medication meant to treat enlarge prostrate can cause a penis to shrink.

  • Weight Gain

As your belly becomes, bigger everything else starts to look smaller. Weight gain is a major problem among most men not only because it comes with a myriad of health complications but also because it makes their penis look smaller especially in flaccid state. But the good news about weight gain is that the penis does not actually shrink in size. It only looks like it has become smaller. When your stomach expands, it pulls your penis inwards. The only way you can reverse this effect is by shedding off the extra weight.

How to Measure a Flaccid Penis

A flaccid penis has a different measurement compared to when it’s erect. To get the precise measurement, you need to undress before proceeding. Remember that the size of the penis can be affected by different factors such as the room temperature, emotional state, and workout as discussed above. So, it is important that you carry out the measurement when these factors are constant.

To measure your penis when flaccid, you need to get a tape measure or a ruler. Place your tape measure against the top of the penis. This is the area that connects the pubic bone and the penis. If you have any fat around this area, make sure that you compress it so that the ruler can be as close to the bone as possible.

Measure from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans. The glans is the end, rounded part of the penis. Do not include any additional length from the foreskin. To measure the circumference, wrap the tape measure either around the shaft at the middle part or the base of the penis.

So, what’s your size? If you find that you are not impressed with the size of your penis on its flaccid state, the chances are that you are asking yourself what the possible methods to increase its size are. Well, if you have such concerns, continue reading for solutions.

How to Have a Bigger Flaccid Penis

While numerous studies say that the size of a flaccid penis does not matter when it comes to a woman’s sexual satisfaction, men know the importance of the size of their flaccid penis. There are two types of flaccid penises namely grower and shower. A man with a grower penis has a smaller penis when flaccid but can become significantly big when erect. For example, the size of his penis might be 2.5 inches when flaccid and 8 inches when erect.

On the other hand, a man with a shower penis has a bigger flaccid penis that doesn’t significantly increase in size when erect. For example, the size of his penis can be 5.5 inches when flaccid and just 6 inches when erect.

When this two different type of men see each other’s penis in a locker room, who do you think will carry the day and feel more confident afterward? You’re right, the shower.

Even if the grower can do a better job on bed compared to the shower, he will feel less confident about himself since he saw the flaccid penis of the other man is bigger than his. So, it’s completely understandable if a man with a grower penis would want to increase the size of his flaccid penis. If you are one of the grower men or you just simply want to increase some few inches of your flaccid penis, here are some few tips you can apply:

  • Stretching

Stretching of the penis is one of the most used ways to increase the length and girth of the penis. It will only take you just five minutes a day to do the stretching exercise. To do the exercise, grasp your penis just behind its head.

Don’t hold it too loosely or too firmly. Now try and pull it down towards your knee. You will feel some stretches on the shaft but not significant enough to cause any pain or discomfort. Hold it in that stretched position for around 20 to 30 seconds. Bring it back to its original position and then repeat the same exercise but now stretching the penis towards your belly. Hold it in that position for twenty to thirty seconds. Then pull it to the right and left side under the same amount of time and then return it to the original position and let it relax.

  • Increase Blood Circulation

As its already known, proper blood circulation in your body plays an integral role when it comes to building a stronger, bigger and harder erections. The role it plays on a penis when erect, it’s the same one it plays on it when flaccid. To properly achieve this, you can use penis enlargement devices pumps and cock enhancement product like pills.

  • Penis Exercise

To make your penis bigger, there are quite a number of penis exercises you can do. Just as you work hard in the gym to develop your chest and arms, the same principle applies to penis exercise. These exercises are divided into three different levels which are the beginner level, intermediate and advanced. You can experience positive results in just a few weeks if you stick to the program.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking has been linked to countless health complications as mentioned above. Among them include heart disease, cancer and bad breathe. To add another negative effect to the long list is that smoking can contribute to shrinkage of your penis. The size of your penis irrespective of whether flaccid or erect it depends on the amount of blood flowing on it. Smoking affects blood circulation in the body. It does this by narrowing the size of your arteries. Blood circulation plays an important role when it comes to ensuring that your penis is big enough. So, if you would like to regain the size of your flaccid penis and you are a smoker, you better adopt measures that will help you quit the bad habit.

  • Lose Belly Fats

Your penis looks smaller when it is partially hidden by the skin that drops over from your belly. Losing belly fats can be quite an uphill task, but it plays an important role when it comes to the perceived size of your manhood. Start working on losing your belly fats and you will notice some improvements in other areas as well.

  • Use Penis Enlargement devices and Pumps

One of the surest ways of enlarging your flaccid penis is by using penis enlargement devices and pumps. These devices have been used by millions of men across the world to make their manhood longer and bigger.

The best thing about most of these devices is that they are medically tested and clinically approved. They have also been around for a number of years, and they have proved to work efficiently.

However, while choosing a device that will work for you, do some background research on the product you want to purchase. Due to the presence of so many products on the market, some people have taken advantage and released counterfeit products.

Bottom Line

As much as most men, as well as women, agree that the size of the penis is important when erect, they also agree that its size when flaccid is equally as important. Penile length and girth act as an automatic visual turn on for women.

They seem to be insatiable to a man with a penis with good girth and length. Thus, there is no doubt that increasing the size of your penis in its flaccid state has some positive impact when it comes to your sexual life. A big flaccid penis also gives a man the necessary self-confidence.



Eat healthy, boost testosterone level, and last longer in bed

Sex is perhaps the greatest and most sought after pleasure in mankind, which simply has no equivalents. This is the reason people place so much importance on their appearance and sexual well-being because nobody would like to remain inexperienced about all the pleasures and fantasies that an active sex life can provide. However, the demanding side of sexual performance can take a toll on those who don’t live a healthy lifestyle.

Low testosterone production, problems with erection, premature ejaculation, and performance anxiety can always be a spoilsport to bring down the quality of sex leading to the dissatisfaction of both the partners.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone that gives men powerful erections, solid sex drive, and stamina to perform. It also the hormone that controls combated behavior and plays a significant role in developing muscle tissues. However, the production of this hormone begins to fall after the age of 30 at 1% with every passing year. People have also reported a massive drop in their testosterone levels after 40, which led to drastic changes in their body and mood. This is to be expected because the loss of testosterone triggers a significant arrangement of behavioral and body changes.

Benefits of having an optimum testosterone level

As you’ve already read, this hormone is not just responsible for providing stamina and sex drive but also has many other properties. Also known as the anabolic steroid, is responsible for regulating primary metabolism, stimulation of red blood cell production, and reducing the production of free radicals. It also helps in protein synthesis, which can aid in building lean body mass as well as improve mood.

Testosterone and sexual performance

One of the most common questions people ask is “Will taking testosterone boosters help me get more stamina in bed?” The answer is yes! Testosterone boosters may have a positive impact on your sex drive by increasing testosterone because more often than not, men do not bother about getting all the right nutrients to maintain a high level. While the supplementation industry thrives on the insecurity of men who feel that they are not good enough, there’s no way we can overrule the fact that there are genuine brands with products that can be extremely helpful.

But, if you would like to remain “all natural”, then shifting towards a healthier lifestyle by a good combination of food and exercise is the best way to go about maintaining an optimum level of testosterone.

Natural foods that can boost your sex life

  1. Banana: Eating bananas a couple of hours before sex can replenish the lost glucose in your body and make you better prepared to have sex. This fruit also contains libido enhancing minerals that can prepare you for an exciting night of passionate lovemaking. Bananas can also regulate serotonin, which is a hormone that plays a role in regulating the mood.
  2. Red wine: Almost everyone knows that nothing is more romantic than wining and dining. But did you know that wine can also boost your sex life? Well, this alcoholic beverage can release dopamine in the brain, which is responsible for controlling emotions of desire. Those who are suffering from low libido will definitely benefit from drinking a glass of red wine before sex.
  3. Strawberries: Strawberries are not only tasty but also contain a good amount of zinc that can help maintain optimum levels of testosterone in men. Strawberries also provide sustained levels of energy that will help you perform better in bed. Women to can benefit from eating this fruit has the zinc content acts on their libido too.
  4. Fish: Arginine in certain fish is a nutrient that can enhance the limit of men and women alike. This nutrient helps in more production of nitric acid in the body, which helps the blood vessels near the genital areas to expand this consequently making you perform better and last longer. Most fish is also rich in zinc, so there’s no reason to worry about efficiency that will lead to lower sperm count.
  5. Honey: Not only does honey go with a variety of food, but it also can have an incredibly positive impact on your sex life. Kamasutra, one of the highly esteemed books on sexual health, recommends the daily intake of honey for a satisfying sex life. It contains natural sugars like fructose that also plays a role in boosting stamina.

5 things women want their men to have, apart from a big penis

When you imagine the perfect woman in your mind, what’s the breathtaking image that appears first? There is no rocket science involved in this case, but it is probably a combination of an attractive face, a large set of bosoms, and a perky butt. Yeah, we know what most men think about, and we are also sure you’re nodding your head in agreement.

But, have you ever wondered what qualities women look for in a man? If your answer is the size of your penis, then you’re dead wrong! Brandy Engler, Ph.D., who is a Los Angeles-based sex therapist and also the author of The Men on My Couch, says that penis size is the last thing on a woman’s mind when imagining your sexual resume.

What do women want?

Get rid of the insecurity about your measurements and focus on your skills to be a good partner and lover. Remember, sex for women begins long before entering the bedroom, and if you can entice her beforehand with naughty text and images, the chances are that you’ll end up having mind blowing sex. Everything being said, the penis does play a role but not in the way you imagine. Check out this list of five things a woman wants in a man:

  1. Your undivided attention: If there is one thing that women want, which all men can agree on, is attention. There is no better way to establish an emotional bond than by making your partner feel that she is being heard, and her opinion is valuable. Every time you decide to check your phone, turn the TV channel, or place excessive importance on other things when having a conversation, you pay the way for security and lack of self-worth creep in. Show her that she is important, and your conversations matter to you a lot.
    When you’re out on a first date with a charming lady, demonstrate that you’re listening by repeating what she said in your own words. Don’t just sound like a parrot, show enthusiasm through your words and maintain eye contact. You’d want to ask her about the things she values, her dreams and ambitions, her favorite holiday destinations, among other things. There is nothing sexier to moment than a man who listens.
  2. To be taken by surprise: If you thought the days of flowers and chocolates were long gone, then think again. While the fad of holding a bouquet in your arm behind your back and patiently waiting for your lover to show up may be passé, you can still show your lady love care and affection by surprising her once in awhile. You don’t need to take her to a fancy restaurant or by her and expensive red gown; you just need to plan an idea good enough to show her that you care.
    Don’t just offer to take her to a movie, make a reservation at a restaurant she has been dying to dine or simply take her out on a long spontaneous drive. To keep your woman emotionally engaged and frisky in the bedroom, you have to prepare for it well in advance. Keep no stone unturned to show how much you value her presence in your life.
  3. A man willing to learn: Everybody likes and enthusiastic partner who doesn’t shy away from admitting their shortcomings or willingness to learn. Don’t be THAT guy who only cares about himself, thus earning scorn from the women he’s been with. To be excellent in the bedroom, you have to clear the channels for open communication so that your partner feels comfortable in telling you about her deepest desires.
    Taking physical cues from the morning and facial expression is good, but nothing can beat a heart to heart talk about fetishes and fantasies. Don’t just jump right into sex, explore every inch of her body – kiss her in the erotic zones, play with her hair, and whisper dirty words into her ears to turn her on more than ever. When going down on her, ask about what feels most pleasurable and follow her lead to become the best lover she has ever been with.
  4. Compliments, compliments, and more compliments: Forget the insecurity you have about your penis size, you’d be astonished if you ever find out how insecure women are about their bodies. If you notice your partner feeling nervous in baring it all, then it can be taken as a sign that she is not yet ready to become entirely vulnerable and is insecure about her body. Use this opportunity to tell her how beautiful she sexy she looks in her matching undergarments and how you can’t wait to take all the clothes of her.
    Timely compliments can help establish a greater emotional connection so that she feels comfortable getting naked with you. And don’t just compliment her when you’re in bed; tell her how cute she looks wearing the kitchen apron, hug her from behind when she’s least expecting it, and compliment on her imperfections by saying there is no one else you’d rather be with than her.
  5. A man who is comfortable in his own skin: By now, you probably have some useful ideas on how to turn your woman on and keep her interested in the relationship. Seriously, it’s time that you put this advice into practice and work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Stop fixating on the size of your penis and work towards developing your personality that she finds irresistible. You are awesome enough by being yourself, so the last thing you’d need to try is to be someone else.
    Next time you find yourself in the bedroom and ripping each other’s clothes off due to an overwhelming sexual desire, that’s the time you can reaffirm that you’ve got all the advice right, and she can’t get enough of you. Use your penis as a tool to give her a good time, but not as the means to all ends of satisfaction.



What women think when they see penis bulges

Today, we’re going to talk about The Bulge!

Wait… What bulge?

You know; the bulge that is often said to be the male equivalent of a push-up bra or a tight corset.

Yes, we’re talking about the bulge on the lack of it underneath your trousers. By now, men have made it pretty clear that the love bulges and women have admitted to taking a peek once in awhile.

After all, very few people can resist the temptation of laying their sights on a manly fold that speaks the character of the bulge owner in vivid detail. Or does the bulge speak about anything at all or is it just a mirage only present to entice the onlookers? The answer can be both, depending on circumstances.

Do girls notice bulge inside of a man’s pants?

Like all questions in this world that begin with “do men like to do this….” Or “do women like to do that…” the answer to this question would also be “it depends”. But it depends on what? Unfortunately, no studies have been done to gather opinion about what women think of the bulge. But, based on personal experiences and information published on the web, it seems that many women believe that a bigger bulge correlates to a larger penis size. We’ll go into discovering the truth of this matter later, but first take a look at some opinions many women have posted on different web platforms.

Women’s opinion on the male bulge

Note: for the sake of protecting the identity of the posters, we’ll refer to the women as anonymous’ instead of their real names. Also, we’ll refer to their opinion in the third person instead of quoting the words directly. Interested enough already? Well, this is about to get even more interesting.

  • Anonymous 1: She thinks that it’s inappropriate for men to show off their bulge on purpose unless he’s a ballet dancer wearing a dance belt. There might be other reasons for which he may have two where super skinny pants, but that doesn’t mean she finds it attractive. To her, the bulge might be mildly amusing at best. On our survey around the web, we found lots of women like Anonymous 1, who are of the opinion that bulges rarely attract the female gaze.
  • Anonymous 2: She is of the opinion that whenever a group of ladies watches a guy who is more filled out, they have a good chuckle among themselves and move on with their business. There is no lustful gaze on attraction involved in any way.
  • Anonymous 3: She says that she’s least interested in knowing if a guy has a big penis or pretends to have a big penis. She can tell from experience that bigger is not always better, and she is more of an attracted to personality kind of a woman. This is a legitimate opinion to have because as we all know that the penis, at the end of the day, is just a tool in the process of lovemaking.
  • Anonymous 4: She can say for certain agree that all women like bulges. How? She refers to a YouTube video about a guy traveling on a train with a fake bulge and how all the women were checking it out. (Pro tip: to douse your curiosity, you can always visit YouTube yourself and look for bulge prank videos to know how things actually go)
  • Anonymous 5: She explains how she wanly wants to see the bulge of a man and not just everybody else because of the intimacy involved. She’s afraid that checking out bulges of random men on the street may encourage them to form an idea she is interested in them sexually; so checking out random bulges is a complete no-no for her.
  • Anonymous 6: This young lady described and an incident where she and her sister were attending ballet classes, and couldn’t help but check out all the boys in their ultra-tight pants. Typically, their bulge was showing, and they couldn’t stop but laugh and giggle between themselves because they thought it was funny. There was nothing sexual thought involved whatsoever.
  • Anonymous 7: This woman was astonished at the idea that someone would even want to check out crotches of random men. According to her, even if some female checks out a bulge, it is merely because of curiosity and not with sexual intention. She claims that so far she hasn’t willingly checked out anyone else’s bulge nor did the thought even into her mind for once.
  • Anonymous 8: She believes that it is perfectly normal for women to check out bulges just like men check out breasts. She admits that she has snuck a peek at various co-workers in her office, and thinks people with bigger bulges are more masculine.

The truth about The Bulge

Now that we have seen eight different opinions of eight different women, you must be wondering what does the bulge even mean? Well, many males and females have the idea that bigger bulge means a bigger penis. This is not the truth because the bulge is just an indicator of the flaccid size of the penis and not when it’s erect. And, you should also know that the size of a flaccid penis does in no way indicate how much it can grow to be erect.

For all we know, the guy can measure 3 inches flaccid and grow to be 4 inches erect and some other guy may measure 3 inches flaccid and 7 inches when erect. So the bulge really doesn’t matter as far as sexual performance is concerned.

So, is the bulge thing all hype and no show?

Well, you can say that if you want to because the bulge doesn’t really tell about anything apart from the size of a flaccid penis. Some women may find it attractive, and some men even find themselves to be insecure if they do not have the tool that would form a noticeable bulge. But let us assure you that the majority of women don’t care about your crotch area, at least not when you have your pants on.

Don’t have a massive bulge? Don’t worry there are options

fake penis bulge and penis enlargement pump

There are a few good options when it comes to getting a bigger bulge that you should consider:


  • Packer dildo – A packer dildo is a flaccid dildo that you can put in your underwear and youre penis will appear much larger, this is also a great option for persons that wish to appear like a male. You can find some great packer dildo options on Kinkycow.
  • Fake penis bulge – This is a device that you put in your pants over your penis so it appears much larger. If you want to actually make your penis bulge bigger then head to the option below.
  • Using a penis enlargement pump – Using a penis enlargement pump is a great way to increase your penis bulge and it’s not going to be fake. I don’t have the most experience with penis enlargement pumps but I found a nice penis enlargement pump guide here.