It’s been a long time since you all saw my breasts so I thought I’d change that.

I mean, why not, when it only costs £8 to get access to sequin bedazzled, heart-shaped nipple pasties ready set to attach atop my nipples and act as an adornment to my peaking breasts?

Ann Summers are an eclectic company. Some of the stuff they retail or make I am just totally against. I’ll never understand why they feel the need to put urea in their lube but that’s a whole other topic. The point is that will the good ol’ AS you never quite know what you’re going to get until you experience it first hand.

So, when I had a chance to try these nipple covers out I was sceptical but hopeful.

I mean, you can’t really do much wrong with nipple covers. As long as they look good, stick well, and remove well then you’re on to a winner.

But do these covers meet these key criteria?

It’s review time.

Ann Summers Basic Nipple Covers (Black Heart Shaped Nipple Covers)

The Ann Summers Basic Nipple Covers (displaying on their site as the Black Heart Shaped Nipple Covers) are exactly what you’d expect from the title.

These nipple covers come in a cardboard box with a plastic cover that shows the nipple pasties off. I get the practicality of this but, considering how much plastic we use, I’d prefer if the box were all cardboard. Most people know what they’re getting with nipple covers, after all, though I do appreciate that areola circumference will be a consideration for some users.

Undo the bottom of the box and you’re presented with the nipple covers in all their shining glory.

The covers themselves do fit the ‘basic’ bill, but ‘basic’ doesn’t mean ‘mediocre.’ There’s something simplistically cute and richly alluring about sequin hearts that are a deep black. They catch the light very well and shine in a manner that isn’t obtrusive but still catches the eye.

I’m not sure if these covers would feel as elegant as they do if they were silver, gold, or red so Ann Summers made the right choice in their selection of black in terms of keeping things subtly seductive.

The pasties themselves feel like a 1 use item, though you can get multiple uses out of them if you’re a careful and diligent user. Ann Summers certainly suggest they can be “applied and re-applied” so their shelf life is entirely up to you.

The advice is to not wear them for any more than 6 hours at a time, meaning you could pop these pasties on your puppies, slip a bra on, and be ready to go out for a date, to a sex party, or a kink event without issue and then simply reveal your surprise when you’re ready to.

I personally find that they are comfortable for long-term use so there really isn’t an issue in terms of duration and wear.

The pasties themselves come with paper on the back that you simply peel away and to allow for the adhesive section to be revealed.

The adhesive in nicely sticky but not a total faff to get on. I have sensitive skin and one of my big concerns whenever using nipple covers like these is that I’ll experience irritation but I was happily surprised that no irritation occurred throughout use. Huzzah to Ann Summers.

I do always wonder about the ethical aspect of the glues used, however, but Ann Summers doesn’t really supply much information on this, so god knows if these nipple covers are vegan.

…That’s a weird sentence to type.

The pasties attach well and were just about enough to cover my areola, though people with a large circumference might struggle.

As for the adhesive quality…depending on the shape and size of your breast you might have some logistics to consider.

My breasts are on the smaller size and have suffered from ‘the flop’ what with my weight loss over the years, this meant that there was sometimes a little bit of difficulty getting the whole of the covers to stay stuck on at times, but readjustment was simple. Imagine my hands squishing my breasts down and you’ve got a good idea of my incredibly technical readjustment method.

Keeping the covers on was relatively easy. Removing them was akin to trying to take off a plaster. Pain with sensitivity are an interesting mix.

Still, this would be a wonderful little addition to these covers for anyone who likes nipple play or pain play. Removing the covers themselves could become part of any play session, making it a clear bonus in my mind.

If you’re not a pain fan…well, take the ‘high heel’ approach and remind yourself that sometimes a little pain is necessary for looking fabulous. Or, if you’re not a fan of that philosophy then you might want to give these covers a miss and opt for something more gentle and in line with your play preferences.

Appearance-wise I really can’t fault these covers. They look cute. I feel cute when wearing them but with just a little bit of deviousness hidden underneath the surface. That’s likely the black colouration at play. Black attire always makes me feel like a confident kitten who could pounce with sharpened claws at any moment. It’s always nice when my sexual garments complement such a feeling and I hope you’d agree.

Downsides for these? It’s really hard to say.

If you lose the paper covering then storage would likely be an issue, and not knowing how many uses you get might irk some people. Having said that, you can pay £8 for a cup of coffee for 2 at some places nowadays so the idea of having sexual encounters with these nipple covers multiple times for the same price doesn’t seem unfair.

The pain factor of removing them is likely the only clear concern when it comes to downsides. Not everyone likes pain and that’s valid.

For me, however, I was undeterred by the sting on these covers, even if it did cause me to wince a bit after every removal.

Final Thoughts

Overall I can happily recommend the Black Heart Shaped Nipple Covers, which do their job and do it well.

Nipple covers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have dinosaurs on them, some whole tropical islands (complete with mermaids) but, at times, it’s nice to return to a more basic formula and simply find value in the cheap and cheerful offerings out there.

Well done, Ann Summers, I’m impressed.

Recommend to:

  • People who like nipple covers.
  • Fans of black attire.
  • People who like pain play.

Do Not Recommend to: 

  • People who dislike pain.
  • People looking for more striking designs.
  • People who prefer other colours.