I am a very animalistic person if I want to be.

When I’m attracted to someone I sometimes can’t help it. I grin like the Cheshire cat, my motions become a little more prowling (at least in my mind), and I lick my lips like a wolf eyeing up a tasty morsel.

Grace and elegance, for me, are linked to animals in my mind. As is playfulness. Have you ever seen a fox jump down in to the snow after its next meal? It’s friggin adorable! So is seeing a fox discover a trampoline, a dog toy, or just playing with their littermates.

All so squee worthy that foxes, in my mind, will forever be the playful and refined-yet-clueless critters of the wild.

So it is always a joy when I get to channel ‘foxy’ behaviour in my own mannerisms.

Especially when a good butt plug is involved.

16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug

The 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug is just one of many vulpine offerings in the butt plug market but every plug takes its own little approaches to being a fur plug and, I have to say, this plug stood out for me a lot.

Not necessarily in the best of ways at first, actually…weeeell, it was in the best of ways but at the time it didn’t seem like it.

Let me give some background.

When this plug arrived I was delighted by so many of its features. The richness of its orange fur, the dense clumpiness of the base fur and how it streamed out in to smoother, softer tips, and, of course, the way it naturally fell in such a comfortable position, mimicking a tail in every regard.

But was it mimicking it too closely?

My brain went in to immediate panic mode: “Oh shit. This is real fur”

Bad news for a vegan.

I went on to the Butt Plug Expert page and read its description. It said it was ‘realistic’ but not that it was real fur.

My previous, extensive experience with taxidermy, animal pelts, and fox fur collars left me freaking out that I had accidentally come in to possession of yet another dead body in a life where I was waaay past that.

The idea of having the tail of a once-living animal waggling from side-to-side as cold metal sat snugly in my bottom was not one I relished in the slightest.

It seemed so entirely real.

So I went back on to researcher mode.

Here are some top tips for you if you ever suspect that you have a real fur item instead of a faux fur one:

  • If you part the fur and look at the base and see skin it’s likely real. If you see weaving then it’s likely fake.
  • If you burn the fur and it melts and twists into disintegrated nothing like plastic then it’s plastic. If it singes and smells of burning, but doesn’t immediately peel away, it’s likely real.

It was with great relief that the 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug had both a woven base layer and fur that melted in to oblivion when I tested a few stray whiskers, and so I was left not just with immense relief but also with extreme awe.

This is how far we have come with faux fur butt plugs now. Not only can they look brilliant but they can also be so convincing in every aspect of how the fur behaves and feels that it can easily make you think that it is the real deal. There is no clearer bonus in my mind when it comes to a faux fur butt plug product.

Immersion is everything with animal-play products, after all, and if you have a lacklustre fur tail then you just feel like someone playing cheap dress-up rather than the proud owner of your own, brilliant orange tail that you can wiggle proudly from side-to-side while feeling the motion of it resound throughout your body.

I mean, absolutely well done to the creators of this tail.

The 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug isn’t just about its foxy plumage, however. It is also attached to a stainless steel butt plug, which I’m willing to guess is hollow in its interior, as it’s rather light considering its size.

You can purchase the 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug with a few different plug sizes in mind:

  • S Plug: 2.8 cm x 7.5 cm
  • M Plug: 3.5 cm x 8.5 cm
  • L Plug: 4.1 cm x 9.5 cm

If you’re new to anal play then you may still have to work up to all of these sizes to some degree, but a nice bud-like structure means that this plug has a good taper for insertion. It then bulges out in to a lovely filling section (good for the P-Spot for those with a male anatomy), and then eases in to a lovely neck which offers ample room for comfort before getting to its safely flared base.

No flared base, no anal fun. Full stop.

Because this toy has a steel plug it can be heated or cooled to add to play and this creates another element of fun to its use. I like my vaginal toys warm but my plugs cold, as I feel this amplifies my natural inclination to grip and squirm against the plug and this was the case with the 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug.

Although there isn’t much heft to the 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug compared to some other metal toys you can still feel its presence very firmly, due to the uncompromising nature of metal. If someone penetrates you while using this toy then you’ll both know it. If you sit down wearing this toy you will be able to detail the exact placement of its tulip-like shape, and during sex…well…it’s a delight to sample internally.

The way that the tail moves for the 16″ Blonde White Tip Fox Tail Butt Plug is also very natural and arousing. This tail falls beautifully in to place during use, and its stroke-inviting fur nuzzles movingly against the inner thighs during bent-over postures, allowing you to caress yourself in new ways through your extended anatomy.

It’s hard not to get carried away in the fantasy and primal nature of this plug when using it and that is a definite plus. When I use this plug I am in a different mindset and it’s one that I thoroughly enjoy exploring.

With the user’s permission a tail can also be used to swiftly pull the plug out, which comes with its own heart-racing sensations, and I do recommend giving this a go at least once should you buy this tail. Just make sure the lube is flowing aplenty, otherwise you might get pain where you had desired pleasure. Oh and make sure you’re *ahem* ‘clear.’ Standard booty play rules, really.

If I were to give a downside to this plug it’s one that is inherent in all tail-based toys. Cleaning is a nightmare and you’ll want to keep it as clean (and then as dry) as possible to avoid lingering odours and unwanted bacterial.

Stainless steel may be non-porous, true, but faux fur isn’t and this is a genuine safety concern that you need to keep in mind.

Outside of this downside, however, there is very little to be said against this superb tail.

Final Thoughts

This tail almost fooled me in to an existential vegan crisis and, for that, I applaud its realism and effectiveness.

I am over the moon to own such a gorgeous and functional anal toy and feel like its pleasure during use coupled with its aesthetic qualities create an outstanding finished piece.

I can firmly recommend this toy to any fellow foxes who want to get in touch with their wild side.

So, what are you waiting for?

Recommend to:

  • People who like realistic tails.
  • People who like bulb-like plugs.
  • People who like lighter metal plugs.

Do Not Recommend to:

  • People who prefer obvious fake/cartoonish tails.
  • People who prefer a different plug style.
  • People who dislike the maintenance element.